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Textual Harassment

After reading the article “Textual Harassment” from our text book it made me more concerned than ever. I know I live in a world that has been taking over by technology and in 2013 it seems that it is only normal for everyone, including young children to have cell phones. Sadly it seems that the cell phone has proven to be yet another tool that people can use to do harm.
After reading the article I started thinking about how very little outsiders really know about your text life. Sitting at dinner or sitting on the couch watching television I’m either texting or reading text sent to me. People around me have no idea who is texting me or what we are texting about. It seems so easy for someone to text stalk you. I always joke my sister, who lives out of town stalks me. She is constantly asking for pictures and an update of what I’m doing, who am I with and my favorite, “whatcha wearing”. These very same questions asked by another person and at the same number would totally be a warning sign of text stalking.
The scariest thing regarding stalking via texting is that texting is so second nature now, it is very hard to differentiate weather someone is crossing the line between, bored lonely person, and someone who is invading your personal space and life. When I’m with my little sisters I constantly hear “Oh my God why is this person texting me, or facebooking me” as an older concerned sister it is now my responsibility to determine when or if these random people, or people constantly texting my little sisters are threats. I understand the only way to really know if intervention is needed is to ask the person if he or she in feeling threatened, but in this day many people themselves don’t know when something it too much. So many people especially younger people don’t want to hurt feelings, like the attention or simply don’t understand that something is wrong and nothing gets done about the situations.
Another factor I think ads to unwanted text are people giving out their cell phone numbers so wily nilly. Growing up giving my number was such a major decision; now people, me included, give out cell phone numbers like it is no big deal. In actuality it is a big deal. Whoever you give your cell number to will have it for however long you keep that number or they decide to erase it. If you looke in anyone’s phone today their contact list is huge! Mine has over 100 people in it. In fact I still get random text from people I gave my number to years ago. I admit to keeping some numbers so I know not to answer when I see them pop up. I have decided to make a conscious effort and try not to give out my number or other people’s number without thinking about it first. However it is really hard because it is obvious you have your phone on you probably at all times, so when someone asks for your number you cannot just say “oh I don’t have a cell”, or make up excuses, you have to end up being rude and saying “ummm sorry I really do not want you to have my number.”

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  1. sparkst2013 says:

    I agree because nowadays texting apart of most people every day life it would be hard to recognize if you are being stalked via text. I think mostly because you can have conversation with someone and they ask similiar questions…like where are you?…or what do you have on? However, I’m sure if the questions are coming from certain people they may appear more like stalking.

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