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Pretty Girls…

I decided to do a little experiment today. It is pretty common knowledge that good looking people get treated differently in the world; it is the “pretty privilege”. I know I am a fairly attractive woman that is I’m not like a dog or anything. I decided to see just how much better pretty girls are treated on an everyday basis. So I exchanged my usual everyday uniform of sweat pant and hoodies and put on clothes that actually fit. I blew out my hair, and put on makeup. I actually felt really good! I had a list of errands to do and I was going to do them as a well put together pretty girl.
The first thing on my list was getting my car washed. I pulled up and rolled down my window, “Hey beautiful, what can I do for you today?” As I looked at the attendant I asked myself in my head, really? I just smiled and told him what I wanted. I noticed he wrote something on my window with soap, “hmm this has never happened”. When I was done going through the car wash the other attendants proceeded to apply armor all to my tires. “What I got something free!” I know it was just armor all, but it was still free and all I had to do was smile and be polite.
As my day continued I recorded three “hey beautiful”, two “hello pretty girl” and one “hola mommita”. I also received an amount more than the usual of smiles and hellos from strangers. Could a little mascara and a tighter shirt really do this much in regards to the treatment someone receives from others?
I decided to start watching “pretty girls” as I walked around the mall I noticed that they were getting all smiles, hellos, how are you, and doors being held open for them. This phenomenon was blowing my mind! Then I started thinking what besides looks did all these girls have in common? Then I realized all the girls myself included were smiling and saying hello and being polite to all the people who were reciprocating it back to us. I then thought just of myself and my feelings. I admit I did feel good about myself when I left the house today, I had a sense of confidence that I usually didn’t feel on an everyday basis.
My conclusion to my “experiment” was that yes good looking people will and do get treated better than unattractive people, however as a regular looking person I can admit that when I feel confident and give off good, nice and friendly vibes I get them back in return. So in conclusion if it takes a couple extra applications of mascara an a little lip gloss to make me feel better and more confident about myself than I am willing to do that. Especially if because of it I give off a more positive attitude towards the world.


  1. kmsweet says:

    I like this post! People usually focus on the idea that more attractive people get treated better. This is probably true, but at the same time I feel like people are going to be nicer to someone that is smiling and being polite than someone that may be attractive but is being rude. When someone feels good about themselves, it seems that they’re more likely to have this positive attitude. So to me it really comes down to how a person feels about themselves and the way they’re acting towards others, not the objective way that they look.

  2. farteaga2013 says:

    i also liked this post and the experiment you conducted. How we feel about ourselves and how we treat others is usually an indication of how we’ll be treated. We may be automatically biologically attracted to attractive people but their personality and how they make us feel will equal how much of our time we will give them. I have to admit I am disgusted by a rude/mean person regardless of their beauty/good looks. I will however go out of my way to continue my friendships/relationships with people who make me feel good because they are friendly, good-mannered and positive.

  3. hanamattar says:

    wow this is amazing! I’ve always heard about studies about this, but never thought it was actually this..realistic in a way! Also, love how you touched on confidence also being a key to feeling good/being treated well!

  4. sparkst2013 says:

    Interesting experiment. I like that you found that the treatment you received was not totally because how you look but it was also attributed to the way you behaved.

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