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Objectification of Adobe Photoshop

Do you know how hard it is to find an Adobe Photoshop Template that is not sexist?


Well, first let me explain what an Adobe Photoshop Template is.  Adobe Photoshop is premier graphics software that is used to create professional flyers and posters.  A lot of the media you see is created with Adobe Photoshop. Templates are premade collections of images that are then edited and customize for a project.

While on my mission to find templates to create a flyer for “Talking Abortion: a discussion of reproductive right” I came across a plethora of sexual objectifying templates.  I will use the following link as the example for this blog post and this link is a fair depiction of the other sources.


There are a total of 51 templates. At the center of 28 were women and many of the women were scantily clad.
summer-party-flyer-template_thumb shake-it-flyer-template_thumb premium-tropical-party-flyer_thumb free-psd-angel-party-flyer_thumb nightclub-flyer-template_thumb

There were eight with men at the center. All the men were fully dressed except one fighter who had his shirt off.


The marketing of women’s bodies as object is a root cause of the sexism of our society.  I had to scour the internet to find templates that were not objectifying women or promoting drugs and alcohol.

I managed to find the following template.


And I transformed it into this.


I understand how important marketing is to a successful event. I too am at the mercy of coward appeal when I market. I try to create catchy names and I use words that draw attention.  I suppose if I did not know any better, I would also use objectification to market.  However, I do use sexism to promote my events.  Though groups like PETA that I often support do use sexism.

The objectification of women does more than sell products on false pretenses.  The objectification leads to body dysmorphia and eating disorders because these objectified images are often unattainable.  Even if the images were attainable, they project that a women’s worth is her physical body rather than her mind.

Society is bombarded by these impossible and often phony depictions of women.  Our minds cannot distinguish what is real and what is fake.  People then compare themselves and others to these phony depictions and when the people fall short; they punish themselves.

I try to remove myself form the system by not watching television.  I try to reprogram my mind by studying and understanding the problem.  Yet, I cannot escape the sexism especially on the internet.

I suppose the power ultimately lies with the people.  If people did not purchase the product sold in a sexist manor the sexist marketing would cease.

Now, motivating the people to not buy what they are marketed is a challenging task.  For now I think educating those around us is the best course of action.


  1. lkkeilma says:

    Interesting blog.
    PETA really does a disservice to their cause. I used to be a member but I just can’t support how they are currently representing themselves.

    • jasonjameson says:

      Well, I still support the animal rights/ethics cause. I never was a member of PETA. And while I hate to admit it, PETA advertisements are effective at getting their message across.

      • lkkeilma says:

        Their advertisements are effective but they go after people who aren’t guilty of animal abuse and get their followers to also go after some innocent people. I have a friend who makes unusual jewelry. Some of it is with taxidermied animals… But the animals are “found animals” aka road kill and PETA has actually gone after my friend and accused HER of bashing animals on the heads and all the things that factory farms do…

        When I first became a vegan I felt obligated to join PETA… But i’ve realized I can make my own food choices and don’t need the backing of an organization…

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