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Morning-after pill

A federal judge in Brooklyn, New York has ordered the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to make the morning-after birth control pill available to people of any age without prescription. This is huge because now anyone can go to the store and buy it, no identification required and no need to go to a pharmacy for it. Part of the ruling was that it has to be made available within 30 days which means that it will be available in stores really soon. Birth control and abortion are really controversial topics, and this new ruling has already received a lot of backlash.

I’m sure that no one likes the thought of having an abortion or others having an abortion, but that doesn’t mean that we can tell people that they can’t. This is the same with this pill and I actually think that allowing women to purchase the morning-after pill might reduce abortions. I would think that women are aware that they just had unprotected sex and instead of waiting to find out if they are pregnant and then getting an abortion, this pill will act as “emergency contraceptive” and reduce the chances of the women getting pregnant. Technically this pill won’t abort a “baby” because it doesn’t work if the egg has been fertilized and implanted in the uterus. I really don’t understand how people are comparing it to an abortion because the pill isn’t killing an unborn fetus since it only works if the egg hasn’t attached.

Another reason that I think that the new ruling is good is because people don’t have to go and ask for it. Sometimes people might be embarrassed to ask for something like that and this option allows them to just pick it up and buy it without feeling like people are judging you especially with the fact that most stores have self-checkout. I think that the main issue here is that there is a lot of confusion with all the things out there that people are jumping to conclusions without really researching. Also I feel that people just want something to disagree on and are using this as another way to control women’s choices.

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