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Mobile Harassment

In class we talked about Textual Harassment. It was something really freaky to me because of how easily accessible it is for people. Many people text so often each day that if they got an extra 50 or so, it wouldn’t make a difference. Its scary to think that my future kids could be getting harassed through texting and I wouldn’t even know it. I just really hope they will tell me right away. Like the reading states, there’s people that die because of things like this. It may seem like obsessive and silly at first look but going more into it you see the crazy stalking overprotective part, which can lead to really dangerous situations.

The fact that one in four people from the age group of 14-24 check in on their partners like, asking where they are and who they are with,doesn’t sound to bad at first. But you have to think the context of this checking in. Most of the time in this situation it is in an aggressive way (multiple times a day) and it’s in a super protective or overly jealous tone, and that’s when things get bad. It even gets to the point where these people demand passwords to go check through their stuff. That’s insane and not okay. If you’re in a relationship where it’s like that, get out! It’s not a friendly checking in, it’s too demanding and there obviously isn’t any trust instilled in that partnership. Don’t feel like you have to obey either – get ahold of someone who can help you such as a parent or a domestic violence help line or even the police. It’s not worth it to give in to something like this, because as we know from the reading, there have been deaths because of this.

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  1. kmsweet says:

    I agree! It’s scary how much time we spend on our phones, especially when it’s kids, because their parents might never know what’s really going on. I have a friend whose girlfriend is constantly going through his phone. I think if someone feels the need to keep checking up on their partner in this passive-aggressive way, it means there just isn’t enough trust in the relationship and they shouldn’t be in it.

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