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Men Camp Out for Awareness of Violence Against Women

As I was browsing the Internet, I came across an article and video on wkyc.com. The article was titled “Cleveland: Men Camp out for Awareness of Violence Against Women.” There have been three violent crimes against women in Cleveland. Two of those crimes include murder. One woman was attacked while waiting for a bus, another woman murdered on the street, and a third woman found dead in a field.

Many people, especially men, are taking action and rallying against violence against women. The video showed many men saying statements such as, “we are here for our sisters and here to protect our sisters!” The group stated that they are fighting back with their actions and words. They want to show that someone does care. They are taking a stand against those men who keep committing violent acts against others, especially women. They are trying to protect their sisters from the violence. The group has been passing out fliers and providing women with information how to protect themselves against violence.

I found the article and video interesting. Violent crimes have become a major issue and it is nice to see people finally standing up against these crimes. I believe we need more people like this group to stop violence. If more people stand up and take action rather than sit around and watch, they can make a difference. We have all seen many violent crimes on television and sometimes they happen in our community. However, many of us do not take action like these men have done. I believe that it is necessary to start taking action because that is one of the only ways we can end violence. Like the men stated, it is not an easy process, but it can be done. Hopefully, in the near future, these violent crimes will drastically decrease leaving women less scared than they are today.


  1. ninazm21 says:

    Sounds like a great effort by these guys to stand up against the violence being perpetrated against women in neighborhoods like Cleveland and Detroit. Unfortunately, as great as their actions are I doubt that they will entail a decrees in violent crimes against women. While is does raise awareness the only thing that will change is how women act, they will go out less, walk alone less and continue to live in fear. These neighborhoods, are generally the poorer ones around the country and I think if you want to bring down violent crimes we must look at poverty levels in these areas. Regardless, it is a very sweet movement by those guys and i’m sure the women greatly appreciate their acts of kindness.

  2. Jack Manska says:

    Standing up, making statements and supporting the safety of women may help the uninformed be aware. It is always good when actions make news depending on where they camped that night it might have even suppressed violence. To conquer violent behavior we must overwhelm the convicted with serious punishment. Use judicial action, enforce the laws to the maximum with no exceptions and no plea bargains.

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