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Libertarian: Feminism and Free Makers…wait… Sex sells

A few weeks ago I went to the Student Libertarian Conference.  I am not a Libertarian since I support government programs and government regulation, but I am a civil libertarian.  Libertarians pride themselves on their racially and sexually non- discriminatory principles.

Although, economically discriminatory Libertarian principles that reinforce classism are another debate.

Libertarianism claims to be non-sexist and in many ways libertarianism supports gender and sexual equality.   In addition, they support free markets.  Libertarians take the approach that if marketing is successful then the people have spoken and the marketing was just.

Their idea that the market determines justice causes problems for gender and sexual equality because the markets often perpetuate cycles of gender and sexual discrimination.  I was rather surprised that the opening presentation for the entire conference was a love song.  A love song a young woman, Dorian Electra, sang about an old now deceased man named Friedrich Hayek.  She did not focus on her own worth, but rather became a sexualized object used to sell Libertarians as “sexy.”


She did talk about intelligent issues, but the overall sentiment was that women love Libertarians and Dorian Electra was their evidence. She performed several acts and she said things like, “On the couch waiting for you,” “then I can talk about my interest in you,” “just me and you,” “Friedrich Hayek is my guy, yeah,”  “If you want to get with a girl like me got to get control of the economy,” and “sometimes I dream all day of being Mrs. Hayek.”


I suppose compared to mass media the opening presentation is tame, but it is still sexist since it valued the male’s worth because of their knowledge of economics, but then valued the female’s worth as a sexual object.

The presentation projected false images onto the female Libertarians in attendance.  At least subconsciously the presentation told the females in the audience that women possess the most value as sexual objects and that women should lust after intelligent economically sound men.

At the end of the conference the closing speaker, another woman, suggested that Libertarians need to be cool and that cool people are surrounded by women.


So it appears that at the center of Libertarian marketing is attracting women, but not to promote equality.  Rather Libertarians want to attract women to sell their ideals.

Heck, they used sex to sell on the first day then told us on the last day to be successful in spreading the Libertarian message we should use sex to sell.

Those are my thoughts, what are yours?


  1. lkkeilma says:

    Wow. Really interesting. At it’s root, libertarianism seems like the most rational, logical political ideology. However, it ignores so many inequities that NEED to be addressed.

    • jasonjameson says:

      Yes, and libertarianism often ignores environmental issues. Libertarianism would work great if everyone started out with the same exact benefits, everyone cared about each other, and the planet had infinite resource.

      Then again, I suppose almost any ideology would work if everyone started out with the same exact benefits, everyone cared about each other, and the planet had infinite resource 🙂

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