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Lesbians Giving Birth

My grandmother was recently telling me about a lesbian couple who attends her church. They are unique in that there are few openly homosexual people in the small town where my grandmother lives. Additionally, my grandmother’s church has a very small congregation so the couple stands out. Then my grandma told me about how the two have a son. My grandma’s concern with raising a little boy is that he will have no one to look up to, however I think he can grow up to be perfectly ‘normal.’ This debate I decided to avoid when talking to my grandma as she is a bit more square than me when it comes to raising children. My grandma told me that the couple is loved by all people in her church and everyone eagerly welcomed the child. The two women are both parents to the boy yet biologically only one can be, and apparently his appearance makes fairly obvious which is his biological mother. The story goes that the women went to see a doctor and let him decide which woman would make a better child bearer. My grandma lives under the false impression that in every lesbian couple there is a more manly woman and a more feminine woman. Thus when they decided to have a child they consulted someone in the medical field who advised that the prettier woman carry the baby. When I heard this a couple of questions were raised in my mind. First of all, what sort of criteria did the doctor use? Understandably, one woman could have a family history of cancer and the other may not. However this got me wondering about lesbians across the country. It seems probable that two women of similar health and family history will go to a male doctor who will advise that is one were to have a child then it ought to be the more attractive woman.

I did a small amount of research and found an article about the future of same-sex reproduction. Rather than writing about that though, I would rather let you read it and decide for yourself what you think.



  1. zhassan2013 says:

    Hmm, that’s pretty interesting. I didn’t that that was how the mother was chosen. It doesn’t really make any sense. It should be the person who is healthier, perhaps younger, but prettier? That just doesn’t fit.

  2. mpietila says:

    This goes along with the ‘anything beautiful is good’ idea, which obviously is not necessarily true. I wonder if the doctor and couple chose the more attractive woman based on her looks or health. Like you said, I would hope the decision based on health. And honestly, wouldn’t you think your child is beautiful regardless of what other people think? What would it matter if the child biologically came from the one woman or the other? I really hope doctors are not influenced by looks when making medical decisions, unless rightfully so (reconstructive surgery, etc).

  3. lysaleh says:

    First off, regarding the article I’m pretty impressed to see that a lesbian couple can have a baby together by cellular reprogramming and creating sperm from stem cells to mix with the eggs from the “mother.” I think that’s actually really cool.
    In relation to what you were saying though, that’s strange that the more attractive woman is chosen and that is how it is determined. I think it should be determined upon health history like you had mentioned.

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