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Just let people get married!!



My boyfriend forwarded this photo to me today, and it made me laugh. After reading it and showing it to other people I started to think about it further. This sign speaks the truth oh so well. One of the biggest misconceptions about being homosexual is that it’s a choice to be gay. This sign makes the clear statement that even if homosexuality is a choice, who cares? It is the individual’s choice to make and live with. Another big part of the homosexual argument is that if homosexuality was a choice why would anyone want to be put in that predicament to be ridiculed and at times put in danger? This sign speaks to just that! Let’s say for arguing sake that homosexuality is a choice, so many people make choices that put them in far more compromising situations then being homosexual. Drugs, Crime, drinking under the influence, racism, and the list could go on and on; however what these people have in common is that even with all these bad decisions all these people, if not homosexual, could get married.
What is the big deal about homosexual’s getting married. In a country that is supposed to be so open and such a melting pot this is truly sad and discouraging. I am sure; well I hope there are at least far more political reasons behind the issue than homophobia. In actuality the only reason I can see there being a problem with homosexual marriage is on a religious basis. However with that said, the United States is supposed to be a country of religious freedom that was the foundation of coming here back in the beginning. So how can any marriage be denied because of religious reasons? Professor Martin said that Homosexual marriage is going to be this generations “civil fight” I agree completely. Just as racial discrimination was abolished I pray that homosexual marriage will be allowed. It is not right to segregate because of sexual preference, it is not right to segregate for any reason.


  1. kmsweet says:

    I love that sign! Since there are still people who don’t believe that being gay isn’t a choice, I like the argument that even if it was a choice, who cares? I will never understand why people think it’s their job to regulate the decisions of others or decide someone else’s happiness. I also don’t understand how people can’t see that it is always wrong to discriminate against people, whether it’s on the basis of gender, race or sexual preference.

  2. b3ek3r says:

    I have seen this picture before and am happy you shared it with the community. You bring up every good point this picture shows us. The biggest being that why would someone be gay if they weren’t? The fight for societal normality is on and it is not easy.

  3. scgutier says:

    I hate the fact that they are still using the religious argument, because these so called religious people are doing much worse things.Also I never really thought about how fortunate I am to be able to decide today that I want to marry my boyfriend and go to the court tomorrow and say “I do.” I cant even imagine what I would do it someone told me that I cant marry the person I love because it’s not socially acceptable.

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