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It’s thier body..

We had a special speaker today (by the time I post this it will probably about a week ago). Heather Ault’s came and spoke about her fight for the prochoice movement. Ault began her speech with her own experience of having an abortion. She spoke candidly, honestly and most importantly she spoke from the heart. She explained how a woman’s decision of partaking in an abortion can be filled with so much stigma and negative connotation that many women decide against it and continue with their unwanted pregnancy. I personally have always been a very strong believer that it is a woman’s decision what she would like to do with her body. At the same time I do not condone abortions as a form of birth control, I have heard so many times about women who have had several abortions. I think it is very irresponsible and sad that a grown person cannot remember to take a pill every day, wrap it up, or sustain from sex all together. I totally understand mistakes happen however, however as a woman who has been sexually active for a while I can say it is pretty easy not to get pregnant.
Abortion is such a big decision and I think it is the woman’s responsibility to communicate with the father, if he is a factor or not. Though it is the woman’s body it is the man’s soon to be child too. My boyfriend was in a relationship a long time ago and there was a “mistake” and his girlfriend at the time decided to have an abortion, she waited to the day of the procedure, while she was actually on her way to the clinic to call and tell him. He was devastated, I think that decision doomed their relationship, they soon after broke up. I know he still thinks about the decision his then girlfriend made without him. He’s even admitted that he wishes he would have known sooner, he says he would have stepped up to the plate and taken the child himself and raised the child as a single father.
At the age that I am and because I have been in a long term relationship I cannot see myself having an abortion for an unwanted pregnancy, unless god forbid rape or something in that manner is a factor. With that said those are my feelings for me personally. I certainly do not look down upon women who do have abortions, I believe it is their body and if that’s what they want to do then they should be free to do so. It is funny to me because in my experience when an older woman has an abortion I think society looks down on her more so than a younger woman or teenager. Age in many cases does not equate to responsibility and wisdom. I know a lot of thirty something year olds who do not have their life or finances or anything in order. If these women realize they are not ready to have a child and choose abortion why should they be susceptible to more ridicule than other woman?

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