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Is Marriage Bad for Us?

I decided to reflect on the topic of Marriage that we covered in lecture and whether it is a good or bad thing. In my opinion, when it comes to marriage, I believe it is a good thing for a couple to be formally united and recognized by the law or religious institution. Although, I do believe that there are certain circumstances in which it would be problematic to enter into marriage. My intention is only to convey my opinion on some aspects of the concept and not to oppose any couple who marry under different circumstances than the ones I have suggested. When a couple decides to get married, I believe they should consider some things before saying “I do”. Among other important necessities, I believe people should be in love, have financial stability, emotional stability, commit to monogamy, learn to give and take, and prepare for unexpected occurrences and responsibilities. They should be able to support themselves and one another in this relationship. I have seen many incidences where problems have occurred in the marriage due to financial instability. When entering into marriage both parties should anticipate the responsibilities that go with building a life together such as paying the bills, insurance, mortgage, and even the possibility of having a baby. Both parties must understand that when they decide to commit to one another, it is meant to be a lifelong commitment. Many spouses find that part to be quite challenging and in my opinion, if one finds that to be an issue then marriage does not seem to be a good fit for them. Also, equality should play an important role especially with the diffusion of domestic responsibility, parenting, and emotional support. I have found this aspect to be crucial and quite devastating when one partner detaches his/herself from these roles. In my experience, I have found this problem to be devastating among couples and many have eventually led to divorce because of the financial burden, lack of emotional support, infidelity, and/or demands they faced. I think that if two people are capable of and agree to take on these responsibilities and roles, then marriage should not seem like a bad idea. After discussing the concept of marriage, I was curious to find information on divorce rates in different countries. According to NationMaster.com the United States has the highest divorce rate averaging 4.95 per 1000 people. This number is significantly larger than the rest of the countries listed; the total divorce rate among the 34 counties listed was an average of 1.3 per 1000 people. This leads me to question the extent of cultural and economical influence the country has on marriage. Is it the individuals of the country or the culture of the country that influences decisions on marriage and divorce? I am curious in learning more about the role society plays in the institution of marriage.

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