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Dr. Drew is a misogynist


Dr. Drew is a misogynist and a jerk.  A few weeks ago a popular mom blogger was on an HLN news show talking about parents using blogs to vent and post anonymous confessions.  The mom blogger, Jill Smokler, is the owner of the Scary Mommy blog where she and other contributors make funny blog posts about parenthood.  There is also a component where users can make anonymous confessions.  Usually the confessions are silly and meaningless, but sometimes they are more real or actually scary.  HLN highlighted some mom confessions from the Scary Mommy blog that were probably more salacious than most of the confessions.  Then they gave one example of a blog for dads and mentioned ONE confession where a father expressed his dread about impending fatherhood.  Dr. Drew used this opportunity to attack Jill Smokler and basically every mother who has ever gone on her Scary Mommy blog.  “The dad is just expressing dread.  The scary moms are actually expressing aggressive and violent plans.”

When Jill Smokler attempted to explain what really happens on her website, Dr. Drew rudely interrupted and yelled at her.  Dr. Drew is always looking to blame moms and explain away bad behavior on the part of a father.  I’ve been watching him do it on Teen Mom for the past few years.  Whenever there is a deadbeat dad with a few DUIs, Dr. Drew is always telling the moms that THEY need to make sure the father is in the picture.  Whatever, Dr. Drew.  I don’t think any mom is going to make an extra effort to help a loser alcoholic walk in and out of her kid’s life.

On the news clip with Dr. Drew and Jill Smokler, Dr. Drew proclaims that it is normal for a mother to have fantasies about killing her children.  So, Dr. Drew, who is seen by some as a trusted authority, is saying that it is normal to fantasize about killing children.  He even says that EVERY mom does that….  Again, Dr. Drew is trying to make moms look bad.  I don’t know any mom who has fantasized about killing her children.  I’m sure it happens, I’m sure it’s not necessarily a bad thing when a mom does think about killing her kids…  But Dr. Drew is telling people that every mom has that thought.  And they don’t.  I wonder why Dr. Drew hates women so much?


  1. Jack Manska says:

    Wow you are right! He is condescending and a misogynist. Furthermore, I “plan” to call him an arrogant turd. I was never Dr. Drew anyway.

  2. Donna says:

    Dr. Asshole is also a misandrist. On his sickening “Celebrity Rehab” show I remember him putting men down by saying women were emotionally, and intuitively superior to men.

  3. Appalled says:

    I just heard Dr Drew scream at some 21 yr old kid who called into Love Lines during their open forum topic of “When U 1st were exposed to porn.” So the caller said his mom used to go dancing and leave him alone when he was abt 13 or 14 & he would watch cable porn. Dr Drew asked the caller where his father was, and the caller said his parents were separated. Dr Drew insisted on following this track, even tho the caller didn’t bring it up; actually, the caller was resistant to discuss the family dynamics, and had just called to relate the porn incident, which was supposedly what the open forum was abt. Finally, Dr Drew started screaming at the caller, saying NO – YOUR FATHER ABANDONED YOU AND YOUR MOTHER ILLEGALLY LEFT YOU ALONE. The caller said something dismissive, like “I guess,” and Dr Drew continued yelling “NO NOT ‘I GUESS’ – THAT’S WHAT HAPPENED. YOU WERE ABANDONED BY BOTH OF YOUR PARENTS.” I mean, what sort of person screams at a 21 yr old guy who obvs hasn’t come to terms with his family-of-origin dysfunctions, after inviting people to call abt such a loaded topic? I was appalled. I felt sorry for the caller, who they basically hung up on, after yelling at him, which seemed to surprise the caller, if not actually hurting his feelings. Seriously, these people are jerks. I was working at the time of the show, and plan on making my thoughts known at the place I work abt the irresponsible and exploitative nature of this so called “Dr.”

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