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What We Do For Love

Earlier I read What We Do for Love by Rose Edits out of the book (reading 41) . when I began reading it I was really seeing how true some of the things are. The author talks about how women dye and cut their hair to get the attention of man, or they flip their hair a certain way to catch his attention. Hair is definitely a big thing in our world. Its expressive. There was this amazing statistic that said out of the 51% women in the world who dye their hair, 40% of them dye it blonde! That’s crazy. I am happily a brunette. I guess its true when people say women like blondes, it must work or something. I just think its so weird that so many women actually go blonde, but also I can’t believe it works and that so many men really just liked the women more because of their hair color. There’s so much more than just being blonde!

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