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What Does Bowling Have To Do With It?

Yesterday in class, a few people began talking about a woman joining the NBA. Interestingly enough the woman in the media that I was going to review as being portrayed in a positive way was Kelly Kulick. And even though I didn’t talk about her in class, the fact that sports came up licensed me to talk about this.
So how is Kelly Kulick? She is a currently a member of the PBA (Professional Bowling Association). Now like the NBA, there is a professional league designated specifically to women called the WPBA. Women becoming members of the PBA is rare but not unheard of. What makes Kelly Kulick so special is that she became the first woman to ever win on the PBA tour. What makes this event that she won even more historic was that she won the Tournament of Champions which in bowling, is the biggest tournament of the year.
How does this compare with feminism and other sports associations such as the NBA? First of all, this was a very big deal in the bowling community. Women are just as capable as men when it comes to making good shots but in the PBA, they use oil patterns that require a bowler to have high ball speed and a high rev (revolution) rate. This automatically favors men due to their bodies naturally being stronger and their hands being wider in order to throw with higher revolution. So in short, just like in the NBA, the attributes that male athletes have are favored by the sport over those that a female is likely to possess.
I hope that you will watch this link because I get goose bumps every time that each competitor throws a ball. This is a highly emotional match and that is the sort of intensity that is required in sports to break the gender gap because if people see that both sexes have the same equal level of desire and skill, then it can destroy someone’s belief that a woman is second to anyone in sports.


  1. sparkst2013 says:

    I agree that women can play any sport that a man can play and also a man have a advantage basically because of his physiology.

  2. sgadille says:

    Yes in all sports that require strength the guys have girls beat in general. However when it comes to other things that are just as important in sports such as desire, competitiveness, and accuracy, it depends on the person and not their physical strengths.

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