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Violence is a horrible act that some people use against others; there are different kinds of violence, such as physical, verbal, and/or sexual violence. Mostly, violence is exerted upon weak people. Personally, I view violent behavior as animalistic and barbaric. There are rules that kids learn while they are still in preschool; those rules dictate that one keeps their hands to their selves and does not touch anyone else. Kids in school are taught these simple rules as a way to teach them the right way to act towards each other. But when boys grow up, they try to show their power and prove their masculinity. In fact, most of the behaviors practiced by men are a result of society’s traditions. On the other hand, girls are taught to be kind, quiet, and submissive; so when a girl becomes a woman, these traits become a part of her personality. When a woman is raped, she is the one blamed; she is told it’s because her clothes are too attractive and revealing, that she was out at the wrong time, or that she was in the wrong place- one where she should never have gone. As Dr. Martin said in the lecture, people start to question the victim and the reasons that pushed the man to rape them. This is truly unbelievable; instead of punishing the man for his despicable actions, they blame the woman, and at the same time, they make excuses for the man’s actions.

One of the stories the book mentioned is about a girl who was in her home when she was raped by a stranger. Such an event shows that women can’t live safely even in their own homes. It is really hard to believe that people still do such things nowadays, considering the century and that most people have enough educational background to know the difference between right and wrong. In fact, women in various cultures experience different kinds of violence from men. In my culture, if a girl was raped, people start to talk about her and say: “She probably showed him a suggestible sign that gave him permission to attack her, such as a leading smile or glance”. Women should protect themselves in many ways such as never walking alone at noon and night, (in my home country, noon time was just as dangerous as night time because the shops close and no one goes out in the afternoon).


  1. nabbas2013 says:

    Violence has become a serious issue today. Everything a child is taught in their childhood about the way one should treat others seems to be useless as they age. One of the most common forms of violence that continues to place the blame on the victim is rape. Women can’t leave their house without overanalyzing everything. They need to make sure they are dressed appropriately, they need to be home early to avoid staying out at night, they need to have a buddy with them at all times, etc. They need to take precautions before stepping out of their door and into their cars to go to school, work, the mall or even a friends house. Do women take these precautions to avoid getting raped or to avoid being blamed for getting raped? It is never the mans fault that raped, it is the women’s fault. It is her fault she got raped because of the way she is dressed, staying out late, and drinking too much. It is not the individuals fault who performed the those actions. When the man is not punished, he then thinks he can get away with rape again and continues to perform the same actions. This is not improving society. It is slowly corrupting it.

  2. ckazda2013 says:

    I agree with you that “violent behavior is animalistic and barbaric.” I think that guys are trying to prove that they are macho and masculine. Video games and television shows show men that they should be aggressive and violent. However, television and video games are make believe, but to some people I think have a hard time distinguishing between reality and make believe.

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