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the work place!!!

at my job ive noticed i noticed how women are potrayed as uncapable. its not all the mens fault though, the women at my job accept these roles. in order for change to occur women just as well as men have to change. in olive garden the men do most do the labor jobs and the women are servers. now is it fair for women to the labor jobs ? i think so because thay want equality in the workfield , so just as women are capable of getting the same wages they are capable of doing the same work. during work women ask busser to carry trays that are a little heavy . i just wanna know what you guys think about that . do women deserve the same wages for the same job when it is clearly less work? it dosent really matter to me cause i beleve in fairness and equality . i just wnat to know how you all feel


  1. nabbas2013 says:

    Many work places do treat men and women differently. I actually read an article regarding this issue. However, the article discussed how men and women performed the same job but were paid differently. Women are also looked upon as less than their counterparts. In the issue at your work place, I believe that both men and women should be capable of performing the same jobs and also paid the same as well. It wouldn’t be fair to the women to be labeled with the labels that they have learned to accept because of the images that have been placed on them.

  2. alanar2013 says:

    I work at a restaurant as well and I do see many of the ladies I work with asking for help with heavy things. Because I am hesitant to this and I don’t ever want to be labeled as lazy or want special treatment because I’m a woman I make a very conscious effort never to ask a favor from a guy that I wouldn’t ask of a woman. I will ask for help when not being able to reach something because I am short, not because I’m a woman, or I will ask for help if something is legitimately too heavy for me to lift, but I will always try to help them, by opening the doors or telling people to move out the way. As I see it some guys are weaker than me and can’t lift stuff so there is no wrong in me asking for help when it is out of my hands. I also notice that many of the guys I work with will always ask if they can do stuff for me, I appreciate the consideration but if I can do something myself I will.
    In the same aspect there are a lot of woman I work with that take advantage of being a woman and ask the guys to do everything for them. However, these same women are constantly asking for favors form everyone, woman, man, manager, busboy whoever is around.

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