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The Hot Topic

Gay marriage has been one of the many heated debates in the media today. However, the media wasn’t the only group of individuals that were discussing this issue. Many people, just like us, have been putting up statuses and images on social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that have disrespected other people’s opinions. The comments made have been made by those individuals who are not aware of what is actually going on with the issue. They have simply stated an opinion because they think its wrong and that’s it. Their statuses are not even logical. However, others, such as activists, have clearly stated their position because they have and still do care about the issue. The have been fighting for this for a long time. However, they continue to be put down because of senseless remarks like those made on social networks.

I do believe that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. However, I also believe that one should have some kind of background or knowledge about the issue before stating an opinion. Now that the media has not been as focused on gay marriage, as they were when it was first being discussed, these statuses have stopped. However, the activists continue to post statuses. After observing this, I was given another reason to believe that many of the comments that were made on the many social networks were simply made because that was the “hot topic” then. However, to them, the issue is no longer important to bother making their opinions public.

Gay marriage is an important issue that has been debated on for quite some time now. It has been leaving many satisfied and others dissatisfied. It seems to be those who are unsatisfied with the decisions putting down those who have been supporters of gay marriage.

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  1. wahmad2013 says:

    I also recognized many comments that were made on statuses when I logged onto Facebook and Twitter. Many people have also posted up pictures that have been putting those who support gay marriage down. The comments are harsh and senseless. I personally have not made my decision on the issue but like you said, one should have a background on the issue before stating their opinions.

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