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Power and Family Relationships

After reading this in Chapter 7, I was reminded of my childhood. I got to reading the part about how housework was done for free and more likely to be done by girls than boys (page 366). Boy, don’t I know it. I was always the one to clean the house, wash dishes, go to the store and still have to do my homework. My brother was three years older and never had to do anything. Oh maybe mow the lawn or shovel snow but that was only every now and then. But not me, everyday I had housework to do.

I remember being thought to wash dishes before I was tall enough to reach the sink. I would stand on a chair and wash the dishes. Even though my brother was tall enough to do the dishes, all I ever seen was him dirty dishes, never clean one. The power of the family is a powerful one. It is the family that instills the values that are carried onto to the children. I to am guilty of teaching my daughters the same but I did not have any sons to carry on the traditions of every once and a while mow the lawn or shovel snow. I would hope that if I did have a son I would of equally distributed the housework.

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  1. halkhaya says:

    My niece had experienced this problem too during her teenage years. She was the only girl in the family and the one who was always called if anything was needed. She was almost doing everything with her mom, while her two brothers sat and didn’t do anything until they were told to do so. I thought that this had to change in a little training from my sister to her boys. It wasn’t fair that my niece had to do most of the house chores and they didn’t.

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