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No women leaders

In class we watched a TED talk and then talked a lot about why there is inequality with mens and womens salaries. I really liked the video because Sheryl Sandberg made some really interesting points about why there are not that many women who are in charge. The part about sitting at the table was really important to me. I realized that when I walk in a group setting like that, I usually wait for a friend or someone I know so that we can sit together. I never thought that it could be because I want to know where they are going to sit. I could easily just sit down somewhere, but sometimes I like to just let my friend pick. The thing she is trying to say is that women don’t push for more. Most of the time, men get paid more. In interviews, she talks about how women just take the first pay they are offered while men negotiate for more. Women underestimate their ability and don’t think they can ask for more becasue they’ll get shot down. They might get shot down, but at least they would have tried. We shouldtell our children to always strive for more because they are worth more. If we bring confidence back in women, maybe it can help to decrease the pay gap one day!

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