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Women in the Work Place

Of all the issues that were discussed in class, the fact that only 7% of females negotiate their starting wage is what got to me the most. Mainly because I think that is something I would do, especially just starting out and knowing how difficult it is for some people to find a job out of college. Also, just being that I am a shy person and probably more passive than I should be, I think I would be way too nervous to negotiate a higher salary, because after all, there are probably plenty of qualified individuals applying for that same job, that are just as qualified as me, if not more, right? That is exactly how I feel even though I know I shouldn’t. And the worst part of all, that thought it probably running through a lot of other young job-seeking individuals, and of those people with those thoughts, I bet most of them are women.

I can’t help but think that confidence (or lack thereof) and self-doubt is the reason for a lot of the inequalities between men and women in the work place. If women go into a job with low confidence and not even negotiating that starting salary offer, while men are the complete opposite, how would anyone expect wages to be equal? In some cases of feminism, I feel as though the woman is the biggest obstacle in the fight. I think it is obvious through every stage of life (childhood to adolescence to adulthood), that overall, men have more confidence than women. But that is not the problem, the confidence of men is not what is holding women back but it is the lack of confidence that women hold. It’s such a simple concept that we learn at such a young age, if you think you can, you will and it is a concept that more people, particularly women, need to adopt in their lives.


  1. lekwatson says:

    The points you make are very good. They apply to the older generation and the displaced housewife trying to get into the workforce. Often the lack of self-confidence keeps us from valuing ourselves at the highest level. This gives others a chance to devalue us while they try to accomplish the company’s mission. Just remember; traditionally people worked 30 years before they reaped the benefits of their labor because they didn’t recognize how valuable they were from the beginning. Value yourself and find the confidence you need to ask for what you are worth early in life so that you don’t have to work long hours and years unappreciated

  2. jsegrist says:

    I like that you mention lack of confidence. I think that a lot of women don’t want to step up and demand more because they will be seen in a negative light. They don’t want to be the only ones stepping up and demanding more, especially if will make them look mean or too forceful. Women need to gain more confidence in their abilities.

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