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It Was All About the Boys


Sometimes I live in a box and the Steubenville case is fairly new to me. I generally do not pay any attention to cases pending until the jury and or judge has made their verdict. Now that the verdict is rendered both of these boys will be incarcerated until the age of twenty-one.  This is far too lenient.  Worse, the press, the courts and even the American public projected their sympathy for the boys.

Many used excuses of excesses of alcohol as their defense. Others used words as “all-American”, “prominent futures”, and even “young stars” one commenter states.

“My society does not do enough to educate our young men about the proper care and use of their penises, and if any boy makes it to high school and does not know how to protect and respect a woman, be she drunk, unconscious, or fully conscious, it is partially my fault as a taxpaying voter.”

As an owner of penis for almost forty-five years I cannot recall ever permitting the taxpayers to educate me on its proper care and its responsibility to others. Yes quite possibly I’m taking this gentlemen’s statement too literally but many believe that the male sexual drive and their penises have simple little minds embedded in them. The supposed penile mind is controlling their decision making. Moreover, they would like to attribute this misogynist behavior to organized athletics.  I highly encourage you to look at sexual offenders in your neighborhood. Tell me, do all of them look to have an athletic background?  Sex offenders come from all backgrounds, cultures, genders and social economic classes. What society is failing at is prosecution and punishment. Sure, many will argue these offenders can be rehabilitated.  The numbers are against this, 46% of rapists will be re-arrested within 3 years.[1] This is just convicted rapists this number does not include molestations, sexual assaults, sexual violence or if the assault ends in a homicide.[2] It all depends on the conviction and how the state courts recognize these differences, giving conflicting statistics on exactly what constitutes rape. So what should these boys have received? If the victim was my friend, spouse, mother, sister, brother, neighbor or Jane Doe the minimum thirty years harvesting potatoes. Setting a new, harsh precedent is the key. If society could do this, it would also be doing right by past, present and potential victims.

Some say harsh punishment is inhumane or cold, my response is “Damn right.” Those boys lost their rights when they violated Jane Doe. No amount of tears and apologies from the convicted offenders and their families is worth any empathy. Toughen up CNN and the like, and all of America. We deserve to feel safe. Safety cannot be accomplished with the media coddling and showing compassion for convicted criminals, period.

I am appalled.  The media wants us to feel sorry for the boys, as if we/I/you are somehow responsible for their criminal actions.  I feel no responsibility whatsoever nor would I call them all-Americans, good students and certainly not stars. Whatever they did in the past has no bearing on the case for which they were tried and convicted. I could care less of their promising futures. I only wish the victim could have received as much support after the trials as did the convicted.

These boys did not suddenly wake up and become alcoholic rapists, and to blame society for it is even more revolting.  This gives violent, selfish criminals another aim to justify their behavior.  And sadly it is a giant step backward for gender equality.

[1] RAINN, “The Offenders”  http://www.rainn.org/get-information/statistics/sexual-assault-offenders (accessed April 3, 2013)

[2] Brian Palmer, “Whats the Difference Between Rape and Sexual Assualt ?” Slate Feb. 17, 2011. http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/explainer/2011/02/whats_the_difference_between_rape_and_sexual_assault.html  (accessed April 4, 2013)


  1. pammiano says:

    You hit the nail on the head (pun intended). It is time to stop saying that penises have a mind of their own and cannot be controlled by the man’s brain. At this stage of the game men are evolved well beyond the basic instinct of spreading their seed where ever and whenever possible.

  2. ninazm21 says:

    This is great blog post! We do need to stop making excuses for these guys who are taking away so much from their victims. They are ruining the lives of the girls they rape yet the media chooses to discuss how their “promising futures” have been ruined. I also completely agree with you about harsher punishment. Someone who gets busted for possession of marijuana would likely spend more time in prison than these two convicted rapists. Why the were charged as juveniles confuses me. If they had committed murder at this party would they have been charged as juveniles. I think it all goes back to our rape culture and our acceptance of it as an unavoidable occurrence. You are exactly right to say that increasing the punishment for rape crimes is the appropriate thing to do. We really must crackdown on prosecution and punishment for such actions because our current system is truly appalling.

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