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Housework=Women’s work????

I just read “The Politics of Housework” by Pat Mainardi. Even though the article is focused on housework it is really about the mindset of men and women on what is considered “women’s work”, even after women are suppose to be “liberated”. It is ironic that women are making some strives in society. Yet, something’s are so ingrained in our minds as well as in men minds that change will come very slow. Of course, housework being a women’s duty will mostly likely always be the same. Mostly, I believe because some women enforce this on other women along side of some men. Housework most likely will always be considered a women’s job. The truth is when men do help with the housework there praised if they do. I think that is some bull especially since the house is messy mostly because of them (disclaimer: not all guys are messy……right?).  I only say that because some men did not have to think about picking up after themselves because somehow it was done for them. Thanks to their moms. I have two brothers and growing up mom catered to them. She will do their laundry and sometimes even clean their room. However, I was taught to cook, clean and keep a neat room. Why, because someday I will have to clean my own house and no man would like a woman with a messy house, right?  Women with their new found “liberation”, find themselves being SUPERwoman. She just added to her list of things to do. She works outside the home, raises her children, does the housework and takes care of her husband. While men still can just go to work and come home and watch some TV. I know that might be a little harsh I am not saying all men are this way or all households are ran in this manner. Chances are if the house is messy and a woman lives there, she is going to get the backlash for it (Unfortunately, I find myself thinking wow she is messy, even if its obvious the males things all around the place). Housework…will it always be viewed as women’s responsibility? I think so. :/

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  1. jtfick says:

    I think the only reason house keeping will continue to be viewed as a woman’s duty is because mother teach their daughters the importance of it. When I was growing up, my mother never made me vacuum the house or mop the floors, or clean in any way. It wasn’t until I got a busboy job until I mopped the floor for the first time. If we, as a society, want to make a change, it’s going to have to start with the teaching of our kids at a young age, showing them house keeping is not just for women.

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