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When you first read the head line on the National Enquier ( Michael Douglas GAY SHOCKER! Twisted Secrect he’s hiding from Catherine.) The first thing you think is that Michael is gay and that he’s been in the closet and he just got busted. I don’t know about you but that’s the first thing that came to my mind. But when you read the article it is no where near what you think. The article is really about his brother Eric who was gay and died from a drug overdose in 2004. The article talks about how the actor is consumed by guilt because he shunned him and stood by as their father brutlized Eric for years, because they could not deal with Erics sexuality. Nine years later Michael has regrets and blames himself for not supporting his brother more before he passed. As I contiued to read the article I refered back to one of the readings called “Homophobia A Weapon of Sexism” in the reading I could see bits of Eric in the reading, getting beat, rejection from his family, not being able to hold on to a job, getting rape at a young age. In an interview just before he died Eric talks about his famous father Kirk Doulas trying to beat the gayness out of him. How do you beat the gayness out of someone? Then at the age of 12 he was shipped off to a mental-health center where he was raped by two boys. Because he could not come to terms with his gayness in a family of men that was always so macho he turned to drugs and booze and lived a very tortured life. I’ve always loved Kirk and Michael Douglas but this article buts both of them in a new light. One that I don’t like so much. Just because someone in your family may not be marching to the same drummer as you that does not mean you treat them that way. I remember a conversation with my neice a few years ago and she said that you know S. is going to be gay, I said why would you say that and she said Auntie have you notice how he walks and a few other things she had notice. My reply was well if he is that’s o-k because thats my nephew and I’m going to love him any way. Now years later my sister calls me and says I got family gossip, when she told me what it was I laughed and said Pooh and I had that conversation years old and we all ready knew about S. I’ve said all this to say this we did not reject him try and beat the gayness out of him, and he has turned out to be a very well rounded young man and I’m very proud of him. Kirk and Michael should be a shame of themselves for treating Eric that way. He was your child and you frist job as a parent was to love and protect him. If just one of you had shown one ounce of compassion for what he may be going through he might be still alive today. Michael I really can’t see you playing Liberace, but if you think this personal tribut to Eric will bring you some peace of mind then you go with it and I hope it works.

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