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Gendered violence

Gendered violence is problematic in our world. According to the textbook, gendered violence “implies that harm evolves from the imbalance in power between women and men(p.503). Last night I was watching a YouTube video clip about violence against women. The clip shows women who experienced physical abuse by males. It was really painful to see bruises cover different parts of their bodies. In one scene, a woman was beaten by a guy cruelly as if she was not a human being and worth nothing. Everyday women encounter physical attacks. Violence against women in the United States and other societies is exhibited in various ways. It can be expressed physically, sexually, and psychologically. In many societies, physical abuse is normalized and seen as ordinary. Thus, women in these cultures have to endure and keep silent, and if they complain they are seen as rebellious, and thus don’t deserve respect. When arguing about these issues, you will find some people justifying these actions. For example, you may hear a lot that this man was angry when hitting that woman. Being angry is not a good excuse for tolerating this action. If we reserve that assumption, is it still okay for women to use the same justification? Traditions and passing wrong ideas from one generation to the next play a critical point in keeping these notions. According to the textbook, 1 out of 3 women in the world are physically abused(p.506), and statistics from the National Center for Victims of Crime stated that out of 5 high school girls, one girl was found to be physically and/or sexually assaulted (p.504). From my viewpoint, beating women is a sign of weakness instead of power and control. Men who beat women are pathetic and uneducated individuals. For those who think life is like a jungle where the strongest control the weak, I would like to say that masculinity is not about practicing abuse, and showing aggressiveness and control. In my perspective, masculinity is about positive attitudes and manners. It’s not enough to declare that violence against women is bad; the most important issue is to take action and lend a hand for those individuals who experienced violence in all forms.

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