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in this clip peter says he is so glad that his wife louis is done with the dishes and can chime into their intellectual conversation. . this is an example of how society looks at women even though its a false depiction of the modern women . what bothers me is that this is what the children who watch this see. they will grow up with this in the back of their subconscious . i think this is a bad thing because the way women and their roles are changing is nothing like what we see on television or what will be the reality of the future. this shows women as inferior and not smart. i think roles should be characterized by personality instead of gender.


  1. hebasha says:

    I agree! Unfortunately, gender roles in this society just as well as many others expect women to commit to their responsibilities in the home first before they engage in their true passions. Essentially, women must be superwomen to maintain domestic household work and anything else, just as Lois’s responsibility of washing dishes was of a higher priority than engaging in a seemingly intellectual conversation.
    At one point in my life, a male friend told me, “You [girls] are so lucky, you don’t have to do well in school; you have a back-up plan–you can just get married and be a housewife.” So as to say that raising children and maintaining a marriage isn’t hard enough, education is merely an accessory to a woman’s eligible bachelorette status. It simply does not matter if she doesn’t do well, because they can simply just get married. That is, it is not a surprise to some that women don’t perform as well as men in school due to their “domestic responsibilities”. It’s vexing, to say the least, that a woman’s inability is compromised by the reasoning that she was meant to clean, cook, and raise children anyway. It completely discredits her efforts in any other aspect of life…

  2. analyg says:

    Shows like this make me mad sometimes. Sure, they are funny but the content can get so bad! It’s definitely degrading towards women, not just Lois but also Meg. My younger sister watches it and I’m just afraid she is just laughing right now but later, she’ll hear the messages from this show that has put her down because she’s a female. It’s a very insulting show from what I know about it.
    The comment above about what your male friend said to you is terrible!
    Shows like this take away from giving women the credit they deserve for all that they do.

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