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My Fight for Birth Control

Margaret Sanger’s article “My Fight for Birth Control” touches on issues that are still issues, despite the original article being written 82 years ago. The story of a young women or mother dying due to shady abortion practices is a story that this society has an abundance of. The use of birth control is something that has always been a taboo in this country, and this personal account is effective in ways that just telling stories are not. Sanger gives us a story told from her own point of view, of a woman whose family can’t support another child. In a fit of desperation she used a dangerous unnamed tool given to her in order to abort the pregnancy, and ended up fighting for her life for two weeks. The woman was advised against doing something like that again, but three months later lost her life after visiting a cheep abortionist when she found herself pregnant again.

Due to modern legislation, this is a problem that is still prevalent today. Abortions are becoming harder and harder to obtain legally, and birth control is so polarizing an issue (not to mention expensive), so women are forced to find alternative and often dangerous ways to either prevent or stop a pregnancy. Margaret Sanger made it her goal to fight for birth control availability for all women because it’s something that just made sense to her and makes sense to many people today as well. In my opinion making a medication to prevent pregnancy from happening in the first place cheep and easy for every woman to afford and get, as well as making abortion legal and easy to get and saving the lives of women everywhere, or risk them finding shady back-alley abortionists that they can pay five dollars for and having them die extremely painful deaths. I don’t feel like this is as big of a moral issue as it’s made out to be, to me it’s an issue of saving lives and making sure that those women are still alive for when they are ready to start a family, or are financially able to support another child.


  1. rachel0minidis says:

    On the issue of abortion, I can’t believe it is even still an issue in modern day medicine. While I PERSONALLY don’t agree with it and would never even consider having one, I don’t think my personal views should have any control over what is allowed legally. Just as you said, about the pregnancy where the woman literally doesn’t have the means to take care of it, I do believe it is her choice. If she wants an abortion, she is going to find a way to get one and if they’re not legal, it could end up causing more harm than good. And I think the abortion issue goes hand in hand with the birth control issue because if birth control was more accessible to young women and women in general, maybe then so many abortions wouldn’t be occurring.

  2. rkazan says:

    It’s sad to learn the of lengths women have to take because they do not have access to birth control. Although, I personally do not see abortion as the choice to make, I think birth control should be made available and affordable to every woman. I do believe there are certain circumstances in which the woman could choose when she wants to get pregnant. A couple could be married and decide to have a baby during their third year of marriage; using birth control in this case does not seem like an ethical or problematic issue. This is not leading women to have casual sex, rather helping them work on a planned future.

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