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I always wondered if babies born in prison are kept with their mothers or taken away from them.  And is it the mother’s choice to keep or give away her baby? How would it be like for a baby to be raised in prison? Is it a good or bad thing for the baby? There are some positive and negative aspects in determining which is good for baby. I personally find it hard for a baby to be raised behind bars, but what I see worse is depriving an infant from his mother’s love and care. After I read Lullabies Behind Bars, I found out that the majority of babies born in prison are removed from their mothers and placed with relatives or in foster homes. However, some prisons had nursery programs for incarcerated women to keep their babies. Unfortunately, there are only nine nursery programs in the U.S that allow women to keep their babies after birth, eight states so far are participating in one of these programs. These programs vary from state to state. “South Dakota’s program allows babies to stay for just 30 days-with the mother in her regular cell-while Washington State allows children to stay for up to three years with their mothers in a separate wing of the prison.”  What’s nice about these nurseries is that the doors are never locked,” inmates must be able to come and go freely in order to warm bottles, do laundry and comfort crying children out of the earshot of other sleeping babies”.  I think every state should have such programs. Babies shouldn’t be taken away from their mother’s immediately after birth. It should be the mother’s choice whether to keep her baby or not, she shouldn’t be forced to give up her baby. I think babies should stay with their mother’s only for the first couple of months to allow the mother and baby establish a bond between them. They baby shouldn’t be punished for crime his/her mother committed. They deserve to live life and experience things like any other child does. But, will they be cared and raised by the right person. What do you think? Should babies be taken away from their mothers’ or should they stay with them in prison?

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