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Brittney Griner to the NBA?

The Baylor women’s basketball team was knocked out of the Women’s NCAA basketball tournament this Sunday. Not only did this mark the end of the season for the Baylor Bears, but also the end of an amazing career from their center, Brittney Griner. Throughout her career at Baylor, Griner has accumulated numerous NCAA records, including the most blocks (721), most dunks (18), and the first player to record 2,000 points and 500 blocks. Now that her collegiate career has come to a close, she is preparing to be drafted and play professionally. Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, recently said on Jay Leno that he would consider drafting Griner if she was “the best available player.” Reading this, I immediately thought that it just might be the most ridiculous statement I have ever heard. Yes, it is true that Griner was a dominant player in the game of Women’s college basketball, however, she is in no way, shape, or form prepared to play in the NBA and I feel that this is nothing more than a publicity stunt. I know some people may view my statements as being sexist or misogynist, however, the truth is that these statements come from someone that knows the game of basketball and is looking at the facts and not only the thought that women can do anything men can do. I do feel that women can do anything that men can do, in this case, play professional basketball, but that is why the WNBA was made, for women. The men’s and women’s games of basketball are extremely different and even though I am all for the equal rights of men and women, I feel that there is no place for a woman in the NBA, just as there is no place for men in the WNBA. Standing 6’8, Griner was a foot taller than the average Women’s college basketball player, which currently stands at 5’8. Conversely, the average height in Men’s college basketball is 6’5, with some centers registering over 7’0. Furthermore, the average height in the WNBA is 5’11 and the average height in the NBA is 6’7. At the center position Griner plays, she is supposed to be the tallest person on the floor for her team at any given time. In the WNBA, she would fulfill this role, have a dominant impact on the game, and have a successful and prosperous career. If she was to go into the NBA, she would only stand an inch above the average player, and would give up a large amount of size and weight to the center for any given team on any given night. Ultimately, the idea of Griner going to the NBA, especially as a center, would be a horrible move for the NBA and sports in general. Furthermore, on the basis of gender equality, this move would make people think that the WNBA athletes, all women, weren’t good enough or adequate competition for Griner, leading her to choose the NBA over the WNBA. In my opinion, Griner needs to go to the WNBA and become the dominant figure that the league has lacked for so many years, possibly bringing more publicity and shine to the WNBA, and attempt to make the WNBA and NBA look more equal, not make one look more inferior.


  1. henrysaadi says:

    I agree with you in stating that the NBA is comprised of elite talent. But I do not agree with you that she can’t compete in the NBA. She could be competitive and I could name you more than a dozen centers and power forwards who play in the NBA who then I would cut for Britney Griner. For one I would rather have Britney Griner than Greg Stiesma who plays for the Timberwolves, however that is not the point, the question is can she be competitive ? yes. Does she have better hands and awareness than some centers and forwards that will join join the NBA in the next 2 years? probably. Will she be dominant in the NBA? likely not. In the end can she play ball? well you know all her accomplishments including dunking the basketball 2x more than all of Womens Basketballl players put together ever!!!

  2. dsielski says:

    I am sorry but you clearly have no concept of how big the centers in the NBA are compared to her. I don’t care how good her hands and awareness are, she would never be able to get a shot off in the NBA due to her extreme size disadvantage. Greg Stiesma is 6’11 and 260 pounds. Brittney Griner is 6’8 and 207 pounds. That is a joke, Stiesma, even though he may not look good against NBA competition, would absolutely manhandle Griner in the post. Not saying that Griner isn’t a great player and a once in a generation type female-athlete, but no, she would not even compete at the NBA level.

  3. jtfick says:

    I agree with you that Griner would be unable to perform in the NBA simply because she lacks size and weight for her position. On top of that, she lacks the necessary muscle to play against bigger players of her position. Women’s basketball and Men’s basketball is totally different in the aspect of strength. Women play using straight skill. Men play by using their weight and bodying their opponent. If, for some reason, Griner was drafted into the NBA, I think it would be for publicity. Not only would it give the NBA a bad look, but I think it would make the WNBA an even worse look. It would make it seem if the competition in the WNBA is inadequate and women’s basketball will take a huge hit on their already low income market. I feel if Griner played in the WNBA, women’s professional basketball will finally have a dominant player, like you said, that could possibly give the league more recognition to the public.

  4. jsegrist says:

    I agree that she shouldn’t go to the NBA. Her awareness and her hands may be good and she is a phenomenal athlete, but there is a physical difference between male and female players. Her size would be a disadvantage for her regardless of her skill level.

  5. alanar2013 says:

    I agree that this whole thing would be a publicity stunt for Mark Cuban. If she was drafted would she even be able to play on a male league? Besides the obvious size and strength difference I think there would be problems with the whole social aspect of the team and its camaraderie. Griner would need her own separate locker room, so she would miss a lot of the bonding that happens between team mates. She would undoubtedly face being treated different. She would either be treated better or worse than her male counterparts. If she does get drafted I really hope she doesn’t accept and continues her career in the WNBA or plays overseas. I know the WNBA doesn’t get the amount of fans or generate the amount of publicity the NBA does but as I see it I would rather be a superstar in the WNBA than an average player in the NBA.

  6. ninazm21 says:

    I completely agree with you. I think this was all a publicity stunt for Cuban who loves to see his face and name in the news. Brittany Griner is a great woman’s basketball player, the best the NCAA has ever had, and she has the chance to revolutionize the WNBA. She could be the superstar that gives the WNBA the much needed attention it desires and needs inorder to be at a closer level to the NBA in terms of recognition and popularity. All that aside, Griner would not be a competitive center in the NBA her size is dismal compared to the average center in the NBA and because of that size difference she would be ineffective at the position. Anyone that argues otherwise is foolish.

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