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Vagina Monologues

I was very intrigued after hearing about the Vagina Monologues at UMD this year.  I knew a little about the performance, but not too much.  I decided I would attend and it helped to get extra credit!  I came with an open mind.  Most people had said it was comical and emotional.  I figured I would have a good experience.  There were numerous points in the performance where I was belly laughing, cringing, and having goose bumps.

The opener, “What Would Your Vagina Say/Wear” was hilarious.  I could not imagine some women actually verbalizing obvious inappropriate and sexual comments.  They were the ‘everyone’s thinking it but no one’s saying it’ type.  I loved it.  Of course I thought about what my vagina would say and wear, but I have yet to come up with a good enough response.  I guess it would wear something that represents myself and that was what a lot of the women described.  Some reflected the way they look daily or what they would like to look like.  Others were plain funny, such as something machine washable.

There were other parts that made me uncomfortable, which I did not think would happen because I am very open about the female body.  One monologue in particular was “Reviving Cunt.”  Yikes, that was difficult for me to handle.  Mainly because I do not like that word.  I have never associated it with a vagina, it has always been a word (in my head) to describe someone I strongly disliked. I was cringing throughout the entire monologue.

The ending of VM was very empowering for myself personally.  The film showing women taking a stand against violence against women really inspired me.  It made me realize what the whole performance was meant to do.  The female body is something to be cherished, respected, and not to be silenced.  Women should be able to express their personal experience regarding their body, whether comical or serious.  We should not be ashamed and we should not silence each other.  We need to support each other.  Although I was uncomfortable during the “Reviving Cunt” Monologue, it represented society’s uneasiness towards the vagina.  I realized I needed to get past that uncomfortable state myself.  That was what the Vagina Monologues were about and I am glad I went.

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  1. shaniperk says:

    Based on your review, I guess I’ll have to attend a future showing. Thanks!

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