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Too Poor to Parent?

This article was the voice of reason for a lot of foster care situations. Whenever I hear of someone’s children being taken away by Child Protective Services, it’s normally due to “bad parenting”. This article helped me see that every child who is placed in foster care with that label hasn’t been neglected. Most often you hear about the mother who failed to provide a safe environment or the one that neglected their child. I have never questioned whether or not the mother was poor. I instantly think well maybe she did really leave her young child alone or maybe there is a drug issue. Should the mother with little to no money be considered a bad parent?

Maybe she recently lost her job so bills aren’t being paid and electricity is off or there’s no food in the refrigerator. I totally understand that as a mother you will do anything to make sure you child is ok because that’s how my mother was as a single parent. Fortunately, I was never in this situation but, I know people who were. From the outside looking in you would say well there are shelters and programs that the mother can get on to help pay her bills. I am the first person to say that those are always options. Some programs in Detroit have people on waitlist and they have been on them for years at a time. Everyone doesn’t have family and friends that will help them out during bad times. I guess what I’m trying to say is that it should be distinguished as to whether the mothers really neglected their children or if they are poor and unable to care for their children because calling someone a “bad parent” runs a lot deeper than most might think. You are stigmatized as the person who should never be able to care for children when your only fault is the fact that you have fallen on bad times.

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