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Power Plays

I read the article in the book that discuss ways the Male Corporate Elite keeps women out of this environment. The article talks about how most CEOs are large companies are white males and that there is rarely any minority in these groups. A lot of the time when there is minority, they are apart of the group with less power and haven’t ranked very high in the offices. I realize that power is something that a lot of people wish to have but, even with you have power it can’t always be used to your advantage. In my personal opinion I don’t believe that women are taken seriously 100% in these larger jobs because of fact that we are often seen as sexualized beings. A woman has to work a lot harder than a man to get to the top of their company and still receives less pay. For a woman when you have reached a certain level of power you want to act like your co-workers to keep the position you have been given.

I feel like it’s believed that having only a select few women being a part of the top leaders in the a company is the correct way to run a business only because of law. Laws have been set in place about discrimination in the workplace based on race or gender but, women are still not moving up in the ranks. I deeply feel like if there were no laws set in place to ban discrimination, a lot of places would probably have no women at all.

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