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Glass Ceiling and ‘Suits’

I recently started watching Suits on USA.  It is an interesting show about a law firm in New York City.  This past season brought up a notorious company that was in the hot seat for not having enough females in top corporate positions.  The company retaliated and used one woman in a high position as an example against the accusations.  The one woman even defended the company; she was proud of her title and believed her merit was responsible for her promotion.  It was then revealed that she was only promoted because her boss got word that she was not able to bear children.  She had all the requirements and potential, however, her boss did not even consider her until he knew she could have children.  Once she found out, she was extremely upset.

This emphasizes the glass ceiling.  Women have a much harder time moving up in position at a company.  Many employers use children as an excuse.  They think mothers are not as dedicated to their jobs because a good mom puts her family first.  The female in Suits was not promoted until it was clear she would never have a family.  Although many women do put their children above their career, that does not mean all women do the same.  Also, that does not mean a women who puts her children first couldn’t run a successful company.

This fact that women have a hard time reaching top positions then translates to their ambition.  Young girls are not pushed to the potential a boy could reach as an adult.  They are constantly choosing easier routes.  If I think back at my own decisions, I remember I always wanted to be a veterinarian as a child.  When it came time to go to college, I realized biology classes made me nervous and I did not want to face the long years of vet school.  I thought I wouldn’t be able to handle them and I knew I wanted to be a mom one day.  I did not realize that I succumbed to the ‘mommy track.’  If I was more aware of it then, I may have stuck with my decision to become a veterinarian.


  1. shaniperk says:

    Good post. I think that because our expectations of women haven’t changed the glass ceilings aren’t going away any faster. I think that parents have to reinforce what’s being taught in schools to our young women. More mentors and mentoring programs that are geared around females with emphasis in science and math we can then begin to chip away at the apprehension that girls have when it comes to these things, thus creating more experienced individuals in a number of related fields.

  2. heralex27 says:

    I have never watched the show ‘Suits’ but I am curious about what the writers meant to say when they portrayed the woman in that light. Particularly, do you think most viewers noticed that she was not promoted?
    Were they trying to mimic real-life trends?
    Satirize them?

    But also, you say you have succumb to the ‘mommy track,’ and I just want you to understand that as long as you have a fulfilling life, then you are not succumbing to anything society pushed on you. No one can force you to have a child. (Well, I hope not.) Simply, I hope you never regret that you are not a vet – and if you do ever truly regret it, I hope nothing stops you from going back to school!

  3. lysaleh says:

    This is a great example of how women are sometimes portrayed in the workplace (probably more than I know). I agree that even though you are a mother, does not mean you don’t have the potential of running a great company. Also, what if the father of the family was the one that takes care of the children in the house?

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