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Feminist movement working

‘The Invisible War’ Changing the Conversation on Rape in the Military



This article by Cassie M. Chew posted PBS News Hour  highlights the production of the feminists movement. The movie ‘The Invisible War” is well done documentary which is comprised of stories from current and ex military service women and men who were sexually assaulted and or raped during their time in service by opposing servicemen. With out the feminists movement this documentary may have just ended up as another documentary. However feminists all around the Country have watched and shared this movie to everyone. Most of the viewers who then hared since have not been feminist  They have been people who watched the documentary and understood the issue. Most importantly the message reached capital hill and from there, their have already been policies introduced and applied  to help rape victims within the service in the near future.  Chew states “Two days after he screened the film, outgoing U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta changed the reporting structure so that a service member’s immediate supervisor no longer is the only person to whom a victim can report an abuse”. This leads me to my next point which is that this is a prime example in which shows that the feminist movement is not a women’s movement, but more of a humanity and equal rights movement.  As we can see it is moving along.

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