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Facebook request: Professor?

So I want to make a post on this and see what you guys think. A friend of mine who goes to a community college is in this Business English class, and her professor recently added her on Facebook. She accepted him, in fear that if she didn’t, he would give her a bad grade. First of all, she tells me they don’t do anything in this class and second of all, that’s messed up if that’s what she’s afraid of. This professor hasn’t added any of the guys in the class, and is currently friends with this other girl who has had him before. He is 40+ years old, and comes to Lifetime Fitness, where her and I work.

I was really frustrated with this idea, and I said she doesn’t need to accept him and it was wrong that she did; she should have just deleted the request or something. We went into her friend list the other day, and deleted him. I told her that it doesn’t matter if she already accepted him, she can delete him. She’s afraid to go to class and plans on skipping her class for the rest of the semester because she says he makes her feel awkward and uncomfortable.

We talked to our boss (who is male) and a few other guys about it from work, and our boss said she is set up to fail the class now. Because she accepted him and then went back and deleted him, he says that accepting him was her first mistake.

This isn’t okay – and there needs to be some professionalism put into place. What do you guys think? Do you think she should say something to someone higher up? Or is it like, not against any rules or anything because she’s in college and it’s not high school anymore?


  1. ninazm21 says:

    It is definitely not okay regardless of which institution it occurs in, high school, college or the work place, sexual harassment is wrong. She should go to class and if he makes a comment or tries anything she should proceed to document every thing he has ever done to make her feel uncomfortable then go discuss the issue with someone at human resources or student services to see how to file a complaint or deal with him in some other way.

  2. dsielski says:

    I feel like adding a student on facebook is very unprofessional. Although I feel like she also made the wrong choice as to accept his facebook request. I don’t think the school administration would see anything wrong with the request itself, other than thinking it was fairly weird. What the administration would have a problem with, however, is if the professor marked her grade down for not accepting his request. I don’t feel like this would actually happen, but in the case that it did, she would have a legitimate problem and the administration would more than likely take swift action. Ultimately, she probably just should have ignored the request in the first place and went from there.

  3. Jack Manska says:

    The best answer is to immediately consult a professional.

  4. rwhensle says:

    I cannot even believe that a professor would have the nerve to send a current student a request on ANY social network. Personally, if any of my professors sent me a request on Facebook or Twitter I would immediately deny the request. I can understand that your friend may be a little nervous about denying the request or deleting the professor but I’m fairly certain that if she took her concerns to a school official the situation would be dealt with. I’m sure that the outcome wouldn’t be a favorable one for the professor either. Of course I could be wrong, but I’m assuming any college would want to remove any sort of intimidation a student might feel towards a professor in a situation like that.

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