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Beating Anorexia and Gaining Feminism by Marni Grossman, is a story that I really enjoyed reading. Grossman talked about her constant struggle with self-loathing and never being satisfied with herself and the way she looked, which led her to become anorexic.  Since she had no control over her nose, hair, skin and all the things that she disliked about herself, she then turned to the only solution that she had control over which is losing as much weight as she could, this way if she isn’t considered beautiful she will at least be thin…the thinnest of them all.

Every girl at some point in her life looks in the mirror and doesn’t like what is looking back at her. Because the person in that mirror might not look like someone that the world thinks is beautiful enough, thin enough, or perfect enough. No matter how much we try we are never going to live up to the unrealistic standards that society has set for us. However what the world doesn’t see, and will never see, is how special, exceptional, and unique every one of us is, if we cant see it for ourselves. Though, when are we are too occupied trying to live up to everyone else’s ideals and trying to become something we are not, just that so people will like us, we then lose a sense of who we are and what makes us happy.

Grossman talked about the moment she was fed up with being hungry all the time, and that was when she became a feminist. It is sad to think however that not every girl will reach such a break through in her life, and will never understand how liberating it feels to accept yourself entirely, for everything you are, for every flaw, and for imperfection that simply makes us human.

Instead of letting people tell us what to look like, what to wear, how to behave and what to invest our energy on. Rather we should ignore all these voices in the background and invest our time on the things that makes us happy, things that make us feel accomplished and show how creative and original we can be. We live in a society that is very unkind, and even though we might not be able to change the opinions of those around us, we can however change the light and the perspective in which we view ourselves, that will make all the difference in our lives. Being too spent about what others think, is just a waste of time and a whole lot of energy that we can be investing on greater things in this life.

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