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Postive Woman

A few weeks ago Dr. Martin asked us to find an article that put a woman in a positive light. The article I found was about Michelle Obama and the “Let’s Move” program. Michelle launched this program two years ago to bring attention to childhood obesity and unhealthy eating habits. Not only is she challenging children to eat healthy and to exercise, she is also calling on people in the entertainment world to take the challenge. Michelle Obama has encouraged Jay Leno to eat his vegetables, done push-ups with Ellen DeGeneres and challenged Jimmy Fallon to a fitness competition. While researching for a positive female I also did some research that fits in with the “Let’s Move” program. With children seriously becoming over weight it is possible that today’s children will have a shorter life expectancy than their parents or even their grandparents.

Children today are taller and heavier than their counter parts of a hundred years ago. What is more shocking is studies have shown that 40 percent of children between the ages of 5-8 have at least one heart disease risk factor, and that the first sign of arteriosclerosis ( hardening of the arteries) are appearing in children by age five. This problem is also being seen among infants and toddlers as well. Michelle has stated that she is willing to make a fool out of her-self to get the kids moving. Michelle is right today’s children should be moving and learning about good/bad foods. That ole saying that a fat baby is a happy and healthy baby is no longer true.

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  1. rkazan says:

    When I heard about Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” program, I thought it was an excellent idea. It is encouraging and motivating for American families. Childhood obesity is a very serious problem that many overlook because there has been prominent focus on adult obesity. People fail to notice the beginning stages of obesity and taking action to help these children choose a healthier lifestyle could be life-changing. I’m glad the First Lady is raising awareness on this cause because it has been widely publicized.

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