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Kim Kardashian’s Pregnant “Look”

Everywhere I look now whether its Instagram, Facebook, or even email I see pictures of Kim Kardashian and her everyday maternity outfits. Now, I have never been pregnant but by the looks of it the clothes, especially the heels, do not look comfortable at all for pregnant women to be wearing. What statement is Kim making, and how does it effect women in general?

To some women the message is positive, but to me its a negative one. Although her message is to show women that they can look good while pregnant, some women cant’t afford her look. She says that she gets stylests to customize her maternity fitted clothes. By doing this, I think women who can’t achieve that look will start to feel worse about themselves. It all goes back to the media protrayel of women. She’s also sending out the message that women need to look this way while pregnant. She wears skirts and heels as if its the norm. I also looking at some articles online and I came across TMZ.com. TMZ has a “Who would you rather” on their website and on one of them, it was pregnant Kim Kardashian Vs. Jessica Simpson. Kim Kardashian is wearing her usual dressy outfits, while jessica is wearing sweat pants and a large sweat shirts. The caption on the picture is “It was a battle of the baby bulge on Wednesday, as maternity fashionista Kim Kardashian bedazzled on the streets of NYC — while Jessica Simpson shopped in her comfy sweats in Los Angeles.” It might be surprising to know that 81% of people would prefer Jessica Simpson’s comfy look than Kim Kardashians “bedazzled” look. It goes to show that pregnant women would prefer to be comfortable, rather than be in tight fitted clothes. At the same time, women should not have to make these decisions or be pressured in making these decisions. Women should wear what they feel most comfortable in and the media should not take part in that.


  1. kmsweet says:

    I agree; to me it seems completely unrealistic to expect women to be wearing heels or tight clothes while they’re pregnant. But at the same time, the media shouldn’t be trying to manipulate what pregnant women are wearing or feel like they should wear.

  2. meganparuta92 says:

    Honestly,I just feel like Kim Kardashian is just trying to put out this certain image. Jessica wearing sweats is so much more realistic, it’s like Kim is trying to show she looks perfect all the time. It’s not like that for the majority of pregnant women because like you said, we don’t have stylists or people who do our hair or anything. When non-celebrity women are pregnant, you’re uncomfortable most of the time and just want to throw on your comfy clothes!

  3. mpietila says:

    I really like that you touched on this topic. It is unfortunate that we overanalyze everything female celebrities wear. I, myself, am guilty for criticizing Kim Kardashian for the clothes she has been wearing while pregnant because I think they look unflattering. Isn’t that pathetic? Looking back, I can’t believe I actually thought about Kim Kardashian’s clothes.

  4. balbojaw says:

    Yes, I agree with your point. Everyone knows that pregnant women should wear comfortable clothes so as not to bother the baby in the womb. Even doctors say that you should wear loose clothes and low shoes, unless you are in the early months of pregnancy. Everything, however, is about style and fashion nowadays, and people just don’t care that much about what’s good or bad for them anymore.

  5. alanar2013 says:

    I too have been seeing so much publicity about Kim Kardashian’s clothes, to the point that I want to scream HAVE THE KID ALREADY!! I don’t know why everyone is so fixated on her and her clothes. I think if a pregnant woman wants to look ridiculous in over the top heels and painfully tight outfits that’s her prerogative. The issue I’m more interested in is the fact that umm hello she is not yet divorced and is having a baby by another man! I’m all for the power of a single mother, and I also believe that two people do not have to be married or even together to raise a well-rounded child however her situation is a little too messy for me. Perhaps she needs to spend less time with the stylist and more time with lawyers and figure out her marital issues! But that’s just my opinion.

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