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Doing Time And Nursery Rhymes

The U.S.A. puts so many people in prison compared to almost all countries except maybe Russia. With such a large amount of prisoners, research is especially vital in understanding how authorities properly need to properly deal with them. In Beth Schwartzapfel’s Lullabies Behind Bars, she raises the question of how involved female inmates should be involved in their newly born baby’s lives. After reading this, the data seems to favor what she believes should be the proper protocol for dealing with this situation.
As a psychology major, there is no doubt that the mother-child bond during the first months of their baby’s life is a critical time for them and they need to be with their biological mother. Babies can tell their mom’s voice apart from other people most likely for survival purposes in evolution. It is also important for the mom too, as she can in turn, do everything that she can to be a part of her baby’s life.
One thing that this reading did mention however was about the amount of time the female prisoner must serve. It says that this should be a variable that is used to determine whether or not the baby should form a relationship with the parent. I disagree that this is all that important because the baby would not have to automatically sever his or her connection with their mom just because of the amount of prison time the inmate has to serve.
Instead, I would use two different ways calculate whether the baby should get to spend time with the mother. One would be to determine what the mother went to prison for. If it were any type of sexual crime, killing, or anything that could relate to the baby being in danger, than the baby would not get to spend time with its mom. The second reason would be if the baby was not loved by the mother due to a mental condition or if the mother simply felt an unnatural lack of affection towards her baby.
I think that this is a source for therapy that male inmates also could benefit from. Though it may not be as vital to the babies development, it could be looked at as an incentive for the prisoner to look forward to once they have paid their price to society. The same standards of whether or not they can play and take care of their babies would apply for them as well.

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