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Being a Woman

In many cultures being a women can be challenging and rewarding at the same time. Since the dawn of time, women have always been thought of as future mothers. That’s the only role that women were thought to be capable of fulfilling, being a wife and  then a mother. And god forbid you failed at fulfilling both roles to the best of your abilities.

Women are considered to be the backbone of society, because the responsibility of raising a family falls mostly on the mother. She is the person who is always sacrificing her happiness for the sake of others. For example, when she is a young woman she is constantly being pressured to get married and start a family. Which distracts from what she might desire to become in the future, since she is too occupied with finding a husband and getting married.  Getting married in some cultures is the best accomplishment a woman can ever do.  And when she gets married however, and has that check mark next to the wife status on her list, she now begins to get pressured about getting pregnant and show her culture that she is indeed a real woman. She feels that she needs to give her husband a child; because of all the things he has given her. And if she doesn’t get pregnant, people start talking and meddling into her business and start adding more pressure and stress to what already is a stressful and unpleasant situation. And when she finally does get pregnant, people are secretly hoping she is pregnant with a boy because a boy is the one to carry on the family’s name. And if she did not have a boy, then she ought to keep trying to have one.

In addition, to being a good wife and pleasing her husband and in laws, she must make her husband look in good in society. She must always look beautiful, and manage her home in a very organized manner while making the life of those around her, easy, and comfortable.

Women do all this, and are yet still unappreciated, because all that they are doing, has been labeled and expected of them since they were in her mother’s womb.  just because your a woman, doesn’t mean you will make a good wife, and a wonderful mother. That is why We need to accept women’s decisions on what they want to do with their lives and what makes them happy, whether it involves getting married, or not, or wanting to become a mother or not. because quite frankly it is no ones business at the end of the day, of how you choose to live your life.

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  1. tlhays says:

    I like that you acknowledged this flaw in society. I feel pressured myself within my own family. I’m the 2nd oldest and my sister is already married with a son. However, she lives in Japan now because her husband is in the military so now everyone is looking at me. My father always says how proud he is but, the next question is always “when am i going to get another grandchild?” With me it’s never ok you’ll graduate and work with your degree. I’m suppose to become a mother and wife. My family has even went as far as to give me a timeframe of 4-5 years tops to have a child. I feel like people don’t realize that women have other dreams than becoming a wife and mother. We have our own aspirations that we need to achieve.

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