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The Golden Girls Get it Right

The Supreme Court is hearing arguments addressing marriage equality.  They hear arguments about Proposal 8 in California, the ban on gay marriage, and they will hear arguments about the Defense of Marriage Act.  The Defense of Marriage Act denies rights to gay couples that straight couples have privilege to.  The arguments about marriage equality are not new.  They have existed for a long time.  Below is a video from Golden Girls where Blanche and Sophia address marriage equality.

Sophia states simply that when people are in love they should be able to express their love with legal commitment, marriage.  This video was 22 years ago.  Golden Girls was ahead of their time in terms of social issues, women’s rights, and LGBT tolerance.  In some ways Golden Girls is ahead of today’s time.  Arizona’s House panel recently approved of a bill that shields businesses from civil and criminal liability if they ban people from restrooms that do not match their birth assigned sex.  Why exactly do we continue to argue about LGBT rights today when it is so obvious that these are forms of oppression?

The Supreme Court listening to arguments on marriage equality is a huge.  It is a big moment in the fight for marriage equality.  I believe that denying people the right to marry the ones they love because of sexuality is unacceptable.  It is time for change.

“Everyone wants someone to grow old with.  And shouldn’t everyone have that chance.” Yes, Sophia.  They should.


  1. jasonjameson says:

    I will admit it; I used to watch the Golden Girls when I was younger. And I absolutely loved them. It is hard to say who was my favorite but it probably was Betty White. I agree they were years ahead of the world and in some aspects a lot of Hollywood is. A large amount of Hollywood is LGBTQA and it has been that way for many years. It was just more recently that people were more open and then more of the ‘A’s [allies] come out.

    I agree that marriage equality is a civil right. I have confidence that marriage equality will eventually be the law of the land. I even suspect the Supreme Court will rule in favor of marriage equality this year. However, it is hard to predict if the Supreme Court’s ruling will be a wide reaching or narrow application. I assume, these initially rulings will be narrow since that is often how the Supreme Court rules.

    The Supreme Court often builds slowly. So these ruling will be narrow and pave the way for more legislation, and then in a few years there will be wider rulings, and that will lead to even wider legislation and then eventually a full reorganization of marriage equality.

    I know marriage equality will become the law of the land, not because of public opinion, politics, or because it is right, but because there is not that much big corporate money against marriage equality. Money runs Washington, and there are plenty of big time donors who are LGBTQA, or at least, allies to their family who are LGBTQA.

  2. Stephanie Jones says:

    I absolutely love this clip! I’ve never watched the Golden Girls before, but it’s nice to see that even 22 years ago, there were shows promoting equality. It gives me hope that we will continue to move in the right direction as a society. Hopefully the Supreme Court will put forth their support for equality in June.

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