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Rape Culture: Problem in Society.

While I read an article about Rape Culture I realized that this has been a growing problem in society specially in America. This article explains a little of the indignation America had about the case of the woman that got raped in India. But yet, they seem to do nothing about rape victims back home. Why when society hears about a rape they always try to question or even blame the victim. The victims go through enough trauma to have to feel they are responsible of being raped. No woman or man should be blamed for being victimized. Statistically speaking since “2006 there has been a 64% increase in sexual assaults”. There was a comment followed by this statistic said by Fox News analyst Liz Trotta “that at this rate woman should expect to be raped”. If it’s not bad enough that society tries to “teach” woman not to get raped and someone telling us that woman are not likely to escape from this traumatic event. We should start worrying more on teaching people to respect and not to touch someone that doesn’t want to be touched in any way. No means No! Doesn’t matter if the victim was drunk, or in any other circumstance. Instead society tells victims what and what not to wear and how to act. It’s not fair that women have to stop doing things because they are afraid of being victimized. Sometimes society might even say it was her fault and it wouldn’t of had happened if she was at the right place at the right time.  But doesn’t society think that if it wasn’t that victim it would have been another person. The problem is that the offenders are not paid much attention by society starting by police. Another statistic in this article states that out of 100 rapes only 5 receive a felony conviction. That is a very scary number if you ask me. We need to step up as a society and instead of teaching women to dress and act a way that wouldn’t get her raped (whatever that might look) we need to start teaching people to respect one another. According to this article a rape-culture has the following characteristics “a society that asks victims to be accountable for their actions, but offer forgiveness for rapists; and a society that believes rapes are made-up most of the time”. Does this sound familiar?

Source: http://www.policymic.com/articles/22035/steubenville-rape-case-does-america-have-an-unadmitted-rape-culture-problem


  1. rachel0minidis says:

    “out of 100 rapes only 5 receive a felony conviction”..

    I think this is exactly why there has been a 64% increase. Obviously the rapists get some kind of rush or satisfaction out of committing a rape, and if they get away with it, chances are they are going to do it again. A felony conviction of only 5% of those people is basically saying “there is nothing wrong with what you’re doing”. Then media outlets report on the increase of rape incidents, well what would you expect? There is obviously a disconnect that needs to be fixed.

    • gomezale says:

      Yes! Exactly as I mentioned in another comment if this crime was taking more seriously there would be less victims becoming assaulted. If this GREAT problem wasn’t taken so lightly then there would be a whole different story.

  2. henrysaadi says:

    According to the U.S. Department of Justice’s National Crime Survey an average of 207,754 people are victims of rape and sexual assault each year. That is also not counting child rape or other forms of assault. It seems like rape is an invisible crime in this country. It is never talked about unless it involves high profile characters, cities, or institutions. Like for example the star football players.

    • gomezale says:

      I agree, rape seems to be an invisible crime to this country. If they took this situation more seriously and convicted everyone who committed this crime, then I believe statistics of victims becoming assaulted will decrease tremendously.

  3. ckazda2013 says:

    Rape is never a victims fault. “At this rate woman should expect to be raped,” quote enrages me because these victims are just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I agree with you that “It’s not fair that women have to stop doing things because they are afraid of being victimized.” I am the 2nd youngest daughter in my family with very over protective parents that try to hinder me from doing certain things, so I can personally relate because I don’t want to stop living my life. .

    • gomezale says:

      Exactly! We shouldn’t have to stop living our lives because someone decides NOT to be conscious of their actions. I am actually the oldest and my parents are overprotected as well. I get irritated because it’s not fair that our “privileges” and our life routine have to be molded according to the actions of other people.

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