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“Women have won the right to do as

“Women have won the right to do as much as men do.  They just haven’t won the right to do as little as men do.”  I hear stories of this from my wife about her coworkers who go home after a full day of work and may merely change shoes before they continue with their other jobs of taking care of home and children.  Husbands meanwhile assume their entitled rest from their long work day, and grab a few winks before eating the dinner that will be prepared for them.  I’m told the women say they do it because it just needs to be done and debating it is a waste of time and energy.  Also, the children are not his to tend, which presents an entirely different dynamic. Certainly not all women do this.  Some women are single and do this without a second income from a husband.  There are also exceptions in which both husband and wife work and each does what is needed when it’s needed, so both can relax together once all is done but this is not the kind of situation that gets talk-time.  How does one re-introduce the F word in these situations? Can it be that often the only answer to the F word is the D word?

Still Needing the F Word, page 39, Anna Quindlen

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  1. ninazm21 says:

    I like that last question, if D stands for divorcee like I think it does lol but I think you’re forgetting about the S word.On a serious note, most family situations that I know with a professionally working mom have her fulfilling her “household duties” upon arrival from work unless they make enough to afford a cleaning lady once or twice week. In that case, she would still have to cook and take care of the children in the evening with little assistance from the husband. It’s a sad reality that too many women accept.

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