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Whores’ Glory

A couple of days ago, I started my free one month trial of Netflix. A documentary that caught my eye was titled, “Whores’ Glory.” I read the description and thought I would see what this was all about. This film is everything but glorifying “whores.” It takes you into a look inside the industry of prostitution around the world and unravels this business in three countries: Thailand, Bangladesh, and Mexico. I see why the director chose these three countries since the methods by which prostitution is practiced is carried out in completely differently.

In Thailand, the “whores” check in electronically just like any other high class job. They get their makeup and hair done by professionals and dress in alluring clothing and high heels. They then sit behind a glass screen (called the “Fish Tank”) where men come and check them out. With the help of their “pimp” who looks like a normal businessman, they pick their prostitute. Firstly, they identify the girls by numbers and separate them into two classes, some with red buttons and some with blue buttons (the red ones being more expensive). I find this so degrading.

When asked why involve yourself in this business, most if not all, say that they need the money. Some who have been in the business for years and are older say that they get paid to do something they like. Some even have families or partners yet still say they have no other choice. Taking advantage of their poverty has exploited women all around the world. This objectification of women has opened the door for violence against women since they are only seen as an entity and nothing with value.

In Bangladesh, a highly populated Muslim country, you would hear the call to prayer in the whore house. Many women take refuge and are sold from young ages and taught how to please a man. The “pimpette” was seen bargaining for a girl and than bought her for 5000 takas (thats $64 US dollars!) Prostitutes here have to lure a man in, not with revealing clothing like in Thailand but with words. They do everything but oral, because, “the words of the Holy Quran are read with these lips.” It seems so contradictory and many girls face trouble with finding out oneself. One girl, when interview was crying, saying that “Why do us women have to have such a hard life? Why can’t I just get married and have my own family?” Unfortunately, many of them end up have children from men in the whore house and their daughters carry on the same profession.

There is so much more to write about this subject but I recommend watching this documentary as it gives us global insight on the lives of women internationally. whores glory

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