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Smart Girls…

“Guys don’t like smart girls.” Sadly, this is a quote that is told to girls more often than not. I have watched movies about the girl trying to get the guy and a quote like that always makes its way in. The above video is of a young girl speaking about this issue. It is an overall interesting video except for some unrelated topics. She speaks about how her father told her that guys don’t like girls who are smart or smarter than them. Given her age, her response is very accurate and gives me hope for the future of teenagers. She encourages girls to utilize their intelligence and not hold back.

I personally have been told that. I have been told if I want a guy to be interested in me, I need to not act “so smart.” My response is, if my intelligence makes a man uncomfortable then it is the man’s problem. A man who cannot handle a woman who thinks and speaks for herself is not much of a “man.” I think the worst thing you can tell a woman or any person is to make themselves less of a person to elevate another person. It is possible for a man and a woman to be both intelligent and elevate each other.


  1. zhassan2013 says:

    Right on. We need more girls her age to be smart and recognize this in society as well as more educated boys whose goal is not male domination.

  2. mpietila says:

    Boys don’t like smart girls? That is ridiculous. Her dad is obviously reflecting society’s stereotypical ideas. I personally believe that this idea was created because men were too insecure to have the power taken away from them. If a woman is smarter than a man, then he no longer looks like the strong, masculine person society tells him he needs to be. And this doesn’t describe all men. I know plenty of guys who like intelligent girls. Who wants to have a relationship with someone who is ignorant?

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