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Love Your Fat Self

Courtney E. Martin, in her article Love Your Fat Self, seeks to describe the unfairness our society exhibits toward fat people. She started her story off with a judgmental statement made by a strange old man to her- Martin’s- friend Gareth when he called her a “fat bitch”. I believe this way of insulting and hurting other peoples feelings for being overweight is cruel, unnecessary, and very prejudiced. According to the article, 66% of the population in our country today is overweight or medically obese; and we label and criticize those heavyset people with hurtful words such as “ fat bitch”, based solely on their weight. Most of us judge people on their looks instead of their personalities;  when we go to the park or sit in a waiting room, we start looking around, characterizing people depending on their looks, such as: “She seems lazy because she is fat”, or, “she is mean because her facial features are sharp”. In reality, we acquire these bad habits from our environments and socialization agents. However, all these judgments are biased; as the author mentioned, her friend Gareth was a very kind and lovable person, but she frequently hears many harsh comments from people that are hurtful.

 In fact, we shouldn’t get mixed up between someones personality and their health. Being overweight can be unhealthy, and can cause diseases in an overweight person such as cholesterol or diabetes; people therefore should eat healthy and exercise often to protect their health. However, I know many people who go to fitness centers and exercise a lot, but they are still overweight. A friend of mine, when told she should eat less and exercise more, says: “I eat very little and I never sit down, but that fat runs in my genes; I have no control over it”. People feel embarrassed when they are asked  why they don’t lose weight; in reality, most everyone wants to have a nice body (depending on their cultures view). The author mentioned that when she asked one girl what her reaction would be if she was fat, the girl responded with: “I would die”. Most girls would prefer to be anorexic than fat. In fact, some don’t care about their health as much as they do about how they look and how society will label them. I believe that society’s view plays a big role in a person decision to look a certain way. For instance, when I went to my home country two years ago, the girls their wanted to be a little fat and didn’t like being skinny; most of them took pills to actually gain weight. Over there, most men preferred chubby girls and wanted heavy-set wives. They think a thin girl looks sick; they label skinny girls and insult them with words such as, “your family doesn’t feed you”, “are you poor?”, and, “you look sick, you should go eat something”. So, how one chooses to look depends on what their society deems fit for their idea of beauty and what is right.


  1. gomezale says:

    This is where “Don’t Judge a Book by it’s cover” comes in. This statement might seem a little repetitive but if it’s analyzed in a deeper content we can see how this statement plays out in our everyday lives. It is cruel and unusual to say how bad society criticizes people by only what their appearance shows. Like you said many people can see someone that is overweight and say that they are lazy. But they really don’t know if that person has been exercising or simply can get rid of their condition that easily. Also people don’t know what they are experiencing in their life at that moment. This blog is great. I love how you stated your thoughts. 🙂

  2. jaclynnicole says:

    I really liked your post since it addresses a culture other than american, which is what usually gets focused on when talking about “weight problems” since americans are usually considered fat and lazy. I agree with you about the fact that there are a lot of potential health problems that come with being overweight and I think that those are what society should focus on more than what a person looks like. The fact that, like you said, so many young girls would rather kill themselves with diseases like anorexia than risk being judged for being fat is concerning, and is also just as dangerous as being overweight since they would be starving themselves in order to look the way society wants them to look. I think that addressing the health problems that come with both anorexia and obesity at the same time would be a great way to get people to understand that there is a healthy medium. You did a really good job of expressing your opinions in your post, and I really enjoyed reading it.

  3. halkhaya says:

    When looking at a person, you shouldn’t judge them based on their looks/appearance, but you should judge them based on their personality and manners.The story you mentioned about your friend reminded me of my overweighted mother.My brother is always telling her not to eat alot,when in reality she doesn’t eat much.

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