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Housewives Phenomenon

The Real Housewives of: Orange County, Beverly Hills, Atlanta, New York City, New Jersey, Washington D.C, and Miami. It all first started with the Real Housewives of Orange County, where a number of rich women, who lived “behind the gates” were filmed to show the rest of us how the other part of country lives.

I have been fascinated with the housewives franchise for the last 3years, after watching an episode of the Jersey housewives, where Teresa filliped a table on one of her cast mates. I also found it amusing when on a taping of the reunion she started following one her cast mates around because she wanted to punch her. And I found it hilarious when Tamara from OC, threw a glass of wine in one of her cast mates face. On Atlanta when Nene gets all-loud, and attacks Kim or Miami when Joana and Adriana also get into a physical fight.  And I just love watching Beverly Hills where these women with faces full of injections and Botox, gossip and rip one another behind each other’s back. (Well the last part actually applies to all the housewives.)

However after I watched the Missrepresentation movie in class, that’s when the light bulb switched in my head. I never really understood the effect that these shows actually had, when it came to the image of women, and how we are being perceived my men and other women out there. These shows make women look very selfish, superficial, pathetic, shallow, vain, narcissistic, untrustworthy, and that they are just out there to get one another, and constantly putting each other down. You never see one happy for the success of the other one. They play with each other’s minds and they ruin each other lives, and relationships with their husband. And almost always the husbands or the boyfriends are  the voice of reason for these women.

So of course for all the viewers out there it’s only common to think that women are just bad news. Women are not always taken seriously in the world, because of the false perceptions and expectations present about us. And with shows like this around we are only proving that such perceptions about us are indeed true in every way.

There is not one or two shows, on one or two channels, that are misrepresenting women these shows are all over the place. For example  basketball wives, jerseyliscious, and bridezillas are also shows that are show angry, aggressive women that are constantly getting into physical fights.

We are not helping women in anyway to change the ideas about us  with these shows. In fact we are bringing this upon ourselves, when we are religiously watching every episode, as our guilty pleasure. While not realizing how much these shows are actually setting and holding us back. And destroying the right image of what we are really are, and what we are capable of doing.


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