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Why is the Offender the Victim??

The Steubenville Rape case was one that caught the attention of many in our nation.  Once again, a young woman has been sexually assaulted by young men and then is further victimized when the act was posted on social media as if it were the latest dance craze.

After reading some of the articles, posts, blogs about this case I became offended and outraged.
Isn’t it enough that this young woman was mistreated? Was it not enough that she had to be humiliated once again by having her assault go viral? What upsets me is that time and time again women are victimized over & over.  Not just by the act of rape itself or having the acts be widely publicized for all to view, but when the offender(s) is someone who is known for their athletic abilities or achievements the media tends to concentrate on the losses the will befall the criminal and not the victim which are far greater and endured longer.

There were plenty of posts and comments on how well these two played. How some in the town blamed the victim for casting the players, the team and town in a negative light.  Ridiculing her for the acts (that she said she had no recollection of), that “caused” a good program and good guys their reputation, scholarships, and promising careers.  Their lives ruined.  Statements made using words to describe criminals were positive and words that described the victim were everything but.

Never mind the hours & hours of sexual assault, lets forget about the blatant disrespect of this female, her body, mind, & emotional and mental state.  Let’s make her responsible for the rape. She was drunk so she must have wanted it right?  What about those who stood around and watched as she was carried like a rag doll from party to party, room to room, continuously violated, urinated on, trampled over like a worthless piece of crap. Honestly, crap in the street gets more respect than this victim received.

Being a jock gets you a pass in most circumstances. The anticipation of stardom or financial success allows a person to be held to different standards. Why are we so quick to blame the victim for the downfall of those we deem “mighty”?  Why are they not responsible for their own actions?
I was happy when the verdict was read for Malik Richmond & Trent Mays.  I hope this goes to show that even those who are big and mighty can fall from grace.

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