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Protect and Serve …Right?

While and after watching the documentary, The Invisible War I experienced an array of emotions. I felt sad, angry, sympathy, disgusted and outraged by what the women of the documentary went through. For those who have not seen it. The Invisible War is a documentary about several women experience in the military (all branches). The treatment that they endured, these women experienced all forms of abuse. The abuse they endured was intimidation, sexual harassment, sexual violation extending from unwanted touching to rape. The women who were raped experienced physical abuse as well. Any one that knows about victims of rape knows the actual sexual violation is just the beginning but the emotional trauma that occurs after is what is most devastating. Those women had to go to therapy and now are on medication to function in daily activities of life. These women are wounded for life. Rape just does not affect the victim but their love ones as well. Victims of rape relationships (romantic, family, friend) suffer, because they become withdrawn and they are not the same. They experience depression. They are not as trusting as they use to be. We all know trust is very important to any relationship. However, women were not the only victims of crime in the military but men were as well. To think that these women/men desire is to protect and serve their country and people instead they were subjected to such abuse is heartbreaking.  What is most grievous is that when the women/men had the courage to come forward to tell their Commanding Officer they were told they should think about it because it could hurt their reputation and career. Unfortunately, most people were not helped and the perpetrator was able to get away free without any repercussions. Even though this is not the experience of every man and women that join the military the fact that just one incident of any kind of abuse happened to someone is not right! People deserve to be free of such occurrences in life. Unfortunately, we do not live in a Happily Ever After world.

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  1. lyndseyhage says:

    I completely agree. What these women have been through is completely sad, and for others to place the blame on them for their own misfortune is absolutely disgusting. I am very sympathetic towards them. It’s unreal for women who want to serve our country have to face something so horrid as rape as a ‘punishment’ for wanting to do something for the good of the country. The men who have committed these acts may be in the armed forces, but they certainly have no honor by my book.

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