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My Long, Self-dreaded Thoughts on the Steubenville Rape Case

I have heard opinion after opinion on the Stuebenville rape case. I must tell you that I’m in constant disbelief! This horriffic act of violence is beyond my comprehension on so many levels! However, the main issues are that we continue to blame the victim, we continue to stand by and assume the responsibility lies with anyone else but ourselves. When did we become this individualistic, barbaric society? When did we stop teaching our children to keep their hands to themselves? This is a golden rule taught in preschool. Expanding on this idea as our brains grow, we, hopefully, take this lesson further:  to keep your fingers, mouth, genitals, or objects of any sort, off of others. When did we stop teaching our children about about “bad touches”?  It seems to me that if said lessons are followed through, we wouldn’t need further explanations as to “why” we don’t “touch or get touched” in inapproprate ways. I mean when did we become this society that says it’s a shame they (the convicted juvenile perpetrators) are going to jail, their lives are over, or my personal favorite “It’s not fair that they have to register as sex offenders, so when they are 70, they still have this hanging over their head.”?  BOO, HOO! What will the victim suffer for the rest of her life? The arguement that she was to blame in any form or fashion is is cowardly rhetoric!  Not only   this girl raped, she was abused! She suffered public humiliation;  she was subject to being dragged around like a lifeless rag doll from place to place;  she was photographed going through all of this.  All the while, it’s going viral on social media for the all world to see!  All the comments that were made, the sick jokes at the expense of an abused woman and an innocent girl both dead victims of violent crimes commited by violent people. We should feel sorry for these teens and their “mistake”? Do they feel remorse? I agree with some observers that they do feel remorse;  remorse for themselves getting caught.  none, or little for the victim or her family.  A community that tried so desparately to protect these football players in a football town is such a cliche!  Adding insult to injury were the death threats and harrassment sent via text messages and social media. How many forms of abuse does one have to suffer to get ALL the sympathy? The scars on her soul will be with her for her lifetime. Perhaps her trust is forever broken.  Perhaps her nights and days will forever more be filled with fear of being hurt again.  She may not be able to eat, or sleep.  She is probably crying; wondering what happened to her innocent world.  I mean if you use the arguement that they were all friends just hanging out, why would “friends” participate in or stand by and watch something so inhuman?  Then, letting it go viral for the world to see what was done to her by her “friends.”  I hope she will somehow manage to find inner peace;  to know she did NOTHING to deserve what happened to her.  Somehow, maybe, some day she can have a happy life.  Maybe her family will be healed.  I pray for these things, but I know recovery time is needed.  I don’t have time to feel sorrow for the products of a community that is built on raising a good team rather than the emphasizing building character that shows respect for others as well as themselves.  Finally, there has been much talk about how to measure drunkness in some fashion or another.  Here is a perfect way to measure it.  Ready??  Ask yourself, what if this were my mother? Sister? Grandmother? Aunt? Niece?  What would you then say to them?  How would you want them to be treated in the same situation?  I mean, how drunk were they really?  Wasn’t your daughter not too drunk when she gave her “consent”?  Would it be ok to watch her get fingered?  Photographed in her bra throwing up and being dragged around like a piece of meat?  Are they too drunk, then?  Would you want someone to step in and say “Enough!”?  I’m hopeful this “measure” will lend a new perspective on this.  Along with responsibility, character and accountability, we may also need to add in a lesson or two on compassion and empathy.

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  1. shaniperk says:

    Very well put! I was VERY offended by the continuous abuse the victim has had to suffer. I am saddened that his nation has turned into one that continues to turn a blind eye when others need help. Especially when others obviously need help. I have stepped in on many occasions even when I felt like it wasn’t the safest thing to do and I’m proud to say that I did. My conscience will not allow me to sit back and watch as another is wronged and act like it’s never happened. I can understand one not wishing to endanger their lives (if that was the circumstance) and not step in, but what happened to notifying the authorities?

    I’m just not really sure about the ethical and moral code of individuals in our society in the times we live in.

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