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Magazines and tabloids don’t have the best reputation, for very valid reasons. As I stood in line at Target yesterday, I was just looking at the magazine stand and I was completely disgusted by what I saw. Of the approximately 20 magazines in the rack, probably 15 of them had Kim Kardashian on the cover. Being a reality television star, that would be expected, and while Kim Kardashian annoys me as much as she does the next person, I couldn’t believe what was on the covers. Cover after cover was some kind of one liner about how “fat” Kim Kardashian has gotten during her pregnancy. Just writing this now, I am getting all worked up all over again.

This is a perfect example about what is wrong with today’s media. SHE IS PREGNANT, of course she’s going to gain weight! If she didn’t, then she would be giving birth to a very unhealthy baby. It’s just absolutely ridiculous that the media is going to bash her for gaining weight at any point in her life (because, really, who cares) let alone during her pregnancy. A lot of the people who pay any attention to Kim Kardashian are females about my age and younger. Writing stories like this is giving the false impression that gaining weight during a pregnancy is a bad thing, and it is not at all. Pregnancy affects different women in different ways and while WebMD says a woman should gain 25 to 35 pounds during a pregnancy, for some women it is more and others it is less. Bottom line is, a woman should not be worrying about her weight gain during pregnancy, and that is exactly what’s going to happen with the media selling stories like this.


For one, I highly doubt the writer of the magazine knows just how much she’s gained. And who are we really hurting here? I’m sure Kim Kardashian could care less if the tabloids are calling her fat. These tabloids are really being heard by America’s youth and young women. Hearing the message loud and clear, don’t get fat, it’s not desirable and you’ll be scrutinized, whether you’re pregnant or not.


  1. zhassan2013 says:

    I feel really bad for her. She’s always wanted a baby and now she cant even enjoy the experience of being pregnant due to society’s way of thinking.

  2. tlhays says:

    I believe that media does take a beautiful thing like a pregnant and turns it into a contest of who gained the least amount of weight. They often always talk about how fast women get back to their pre-pregnancy bodies. I really just hope that Kim doesn’t act like her sister Kourtney because I saw an episode where Kourtney was obsessed with getting back to her before pregnancy body. I am all for women feeling sexy after a childbirth but, my issue was the fact that she weighed 95lbs. For a 30something year old woman I don’t believe in any way this should be considered normal. I feel like the there’s no way to be comfortable in your own skin in the media unless you’re skinny.

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